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Speed up your legal billing and get paid faster.


Approve pre-bills electronically

Speed up your billing by 30% every month

Say goodbye to printing pre-bills

Printing bills multiple times is a thing of the past. Markups and approvals for bills are made right in Centerbase.

Simplify your approval process

Flow a pre-bill up the approval chain, moving a single bill from one person to the next once it’s been approved.

See markups at a glance

View all inline markups made to a bill by a previous approver and highlight changes made.

Bill clients the way they prefer

Billing portal

Provide your clients access to a billing portal to view and pay bills or to access a complete history of bills.

Email bills

Email bills one-by-one or all at once. Tailor the email template content to your liking.

eBilling files

Generate eBilling .txt files to submit to carrier’s audit houses. Bill layouts can be customized to eliminate manual edits.

Print bills

Print your bills one-by-one or all at once. Bill layouts can be customized.

Make client payments easier

Watch payments come into your account as soon as you send out bills. Our Lawpay integrations offer a seamless credit card payment option for your clients as they view a bill.

Simplify payments – Offer a single, easy to understand payment dialog for your clients to pay current charges and to replenish a retainer at the same time.

Control client payment options – Pay the outstanding balance, current charges or enter a custom amount.

Toggle payment methods for matters – Toggle the credit card payment option on/off on a matter-by-matter basis.

Multiple Billing Arrangements

Hourly billing

Bill your clients on an hourly basis.

Fee only/expense only billing

Bill your clients for the fees only on a matter, expenses only on a matter or provide them with two separate bills for fees and expenses.

Consolidated billing

Consolidate multiple matters onto a single bill for your client.

Flat fee billing

Bill your clients a single flat fee amount.

Project billing

Bill your clients a flat fee at the beginning and end of a matter or based on an agreed payment schedule.


Enter UTBMS codes and generate electronic bill files. Centerbase works with all standard and most custom electronic billing scenarios.

Subscription billing

Generate a flat fee billing on a recurring scheduled basis.

Split billing

Bill multiple clients for a single case. Designate percentages owed by each party and generate seperate bills for each.

History billing

Generate a history bill with options for fees, expenses, phases and payments over the entire history of a matter.

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“Centerbase has helped streamline our daily operation and our monthly billing process.”

Erin DaCosta
Office Manager, Lupkin PLLC

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