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Superior Matter Management

A simple way to track everything related to your complex matters.


Every matter detail in one place


Keep the contact information for everyone related to a matter in one place.


Keep up with upcoming matter deadlines.


Track, assign, and complete tasks for your matters.


Tag all emails to matters, so you’re no longer searching your inbox.


Track the outcome of calls.


One central place to track any notes about your matter.


Store all documents related to your matter.


Track all past and future meetings.

Real-time matter dashboard and budget reports

Matter ledger – Answer questions about a client’s billing history directly from the matter. View a complete matter ledger and email bills in question to the client as you speak with them.

Matter dashboard – Quickly reference dashboard reports the trust balances, WIP, fees billed, expenses billed, outstanding accounts receivable and credits.

Matter budgets – Create matter budgets and get customer alerts as cases reach set percentages of their total budget. Easily report on hours by staff category, fees, and expenses over the lifetime of a file.

Matter layouts to suit the needs of every practice area

Unlimited number of fields – Add as many custom fields as you need to properly manage your matters in Centerbase.

Practice area layouts – Set matter layouts to only capture information relevant to the practice area.

Configurable views – Design matter layouts to match the way you want to view case information. Whether you’re reorganizing the fields on a matter or information tabs, layouts can be molded to fit the way you work.

Save Time By Automating Tasks With Workflow

Automate Matters from open through close

Build your case flow directly into Centerbase. Our system can automatically assign or complete tasks for you.

Keep matters updated

Keeping information on a matter up to date is a lot of work. Use our workflow system to automatically update information for your team, freeing up your staff for billable activities.

Notify clients where things stand

Keep your clients in the loop. Have Centerbase automatically send update emails out to your client as a matter reaches different stages.

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