Client Intake

Quickly Intake New Clients Before They Search for Other Counsel

Automatically intake new clients. From conflict check to matter open, onboard your new clients in seconds. So you can meet their modern expectations - and gain their business - faster than ever.

Onboard new client business in fewer clicks

Automate your client intake to run behind the scenes. With Automated Workflows, you can intake and onboard client business without taking your away from other high-value activities.
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Easily multitask with auto-intake

With Automated Workflows, you can automate your intake to run in the background while you tackle other to-do list items.
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Meet clients’ modern expectations

Clients expect an easy, modern way to work with your firm. Show them they’re in good hands before they even step through your door with automatic intake that onboards them in seconds.
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Quickly grow your clientele

Grow your clientele to its optimal capacity for maximum revenue. With automatic intake, it’s easy to bring on new business without bottlenecks.

Step 1: Prospect information auto-populates in Centerbase

Save time gathering client information by adding contact forms to your website. When prospects enter their information, it’s automatically populated in Centerbase as a Potential New Client record.

Step 2: Quickly complete a system-wide conflict check

Easily conflict check your potential new client against all of your firm’s data with Boolean Searches. Even download custom conflict check results with date and time stamps for your firm.

Step 3: Automatically open matters and set appointments

Once your prospects pass their conflict check, a client contact is created. From here, you can use Automated Workflows to open matters, set appointments, send emails, and so much more. Eliminating any manual work and human error on your end.

More Client Intake Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Legalfit site to populate a contact form for prospects?
Yes, you’ll need a Legalfit site to auto-populate prospects’ information entered in a form into Centerbase.


"Thanks to our investment in cutting-edge technology and nimble workflow processes, we were able to transition to primarily remote work within one business day and with no interruptions to client service.”
Brian Winterfeldt
Founder and Principal
Winterfeldt IP Group
“If you're not evolving, and constantly changing, and improving, you're gonna get passed by eventually. And that's what I've always enjoyed here is the diversity of role and responsibility. But Centerbase allowed us to elevate it to a whole new level."
Rob Sadler
Firm Administrator
Hofheimer Family Law
“From an efficiency standpoint, there's really no question. There are less things to break. If you have an intake tool and an accounting tool and a case management tool, you have two connections there that are guaranteed to give you problems. There are going to be updates to all three of those tools that are probably gonna knock that integration a bit out of whack. So I like that Centerbase is an all-in-one tool.”
David Holl
Business Operations Manager
McKean Smith
“We wanted to customize things. And we were limited in doing that in Abacus. So that was a huge asset that Centerbase had. That was one of the big-ticket items that swayed us to choose Centerbase.”
Kim Edwards
Director of Operations and Paralegal
Allison & Mosby-Scott
"You framed it [Centerbase] around the dedicated legal operations function and a strong legal operations team. You got my attention with that, kind of speaking to my heart. Because that's what law firm administrators do. And that's what Centerbase helps us do. And that's the sandbox that you give me. It is effecting change.”
Rob Sadler
Firm Administrator
Hofheimer Family Law
“Some of our clients have unique needs that Centerbase may not have been able to accommodate right out of the box, but between our account manager and their design team, we have been able to satisfy those requests.”
Donna Smith
Firm Administrator
Holtzman Vogel