Security That Keeps Your Data Confidential Internally and Externally

Make sure your firm and client data is only shared with those who need it. With our 100% incident-free cloud infrastructure and internal security permissions, you have the highest level of data confidentiality.

Your data is accessed only by those intended to access it

Keep your data safe internally and externally. With cloud security and internal permissions, you can ensure client and staff confidentiality at all times.
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Stay secure from external threats

Securing data in the Cloud is the modern expectation for well-run businesses. With industry-standard 265-bit AES encryption and a mirrored disaster recovery data center, your data can’t be lost, can’t be disrupted, and can’t fail.
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Set limits on what individual or groups of users see

Keep your data private from internal individuals and departments. With user and group-based permissions, your data is only shared where appropriate.
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Keep certain internal records private

Keep specific internal records private in your firm. With record-based permissions, your staff will only see what you deem necessary.

Your data isn’t in the hands
of a 3rd party

Because we own our infrastructure and don’t rely on a 3rd party, our team intimately knows the systems that secure your data. We manage our own internet border security, firewalls, and security policies with over 16 years of incident-free experience. So when you choose Centerbase, you’re choosing to know the people who store and secure your data.

Track who changes and deletes information internally

Keep tabs on who’s changing what in your Centerbase site. Instead of wondering which staff member edited or deleted data, use the Change and Deletion logs to see who, what, and when something was changed. You can even review all the activity of a specific user. So you can keep your staff accountable - and ensure accurate data at all times.

Use permissions to
maintain internal confidentiality

Certain data doesn’t need to be viewed by every staff member. Instead of risking information being inappropriately shared, use internal permissions to limit users and groups from editing, viewing, and sharing certain records. Even restrict specific records like financial data, billing rates, documents, reports and more. So your data is only shared with those who need it.

More Security Features

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is the Cloud?
The Centerbase Cloud is built on industry-standard and trusted platforms that power much of the internet today. Our server hardware and firewalls are enterprise-class systems from Dell Computer. We run 24/7 high availability VMWARE clusters that allow us to keep your services up and running continuously. We constantly replicate our main site to our off-site disaster recovery location to allow for a quick transition in the unlikely event of a catastrophe in our main location. Our servers have resided in our current main facility without the need for a single failover. We have maintained a 99.999% uptime with an average of 5 minutes of downtime per year.

Physical access to our facilities is incredibly secure, requiring passcards, ID cards, biometric eye scans, and pre-screening authorization to enter the building. Within the facility, an authorized 3rd party is required to physically unlock the cages where your information is located.

Owning our own infrastructure allows Centerbase some unique and valuable advantages over companies that host your services in 3rd party providers. Our team intimately knows the systems that make up our infrastructure. Hosting your data on 3rd party providers raises questions such as: How old are the servers? How many hours have they logged? Are other providers sharing the server space?Are upgrades and investments made regularly to ensure my data is protected by the up-to-date security measures?

We manage our own internet border security, firewalls, and security policies and have over 16 years of incident-free experience. We design our systems to actively refuse connections from high-risk countries known for hacking activity. We also continuously monitor our systems for vulnerability and malicious activity in order to constantly stand vigilant against cyberattacks and DOS incidents.

Our data centers hold every conceivable certification for safety and security best practices. Our main data center:
  • Boasts over 68,000 square feet of environmentally controlled, secure data center space.
  • Has true 2N power and multi-homed connectivity from leading carriers.
  • Offers 24 x 7 x 365 onsite personnel, biometric access, physical ID check, and more than I00 internal and external video cameras (with 90-day video storage).
  • Maintains six (6) backup diesel generators on standby with an on-site fuel capacity of over 50,000 gallons, which are tested bi-weekly and routinely run at full load.
  • Has superior connectivity through I5 on-net providers with access to 65 additional providers through layer 2 connectivity.
How secure are your encryption methods?
Protecting your data, both in transit and at rest in our database, is critical to your peace of mind. Centerbase employs industry-standard SHA256 4096 bit RSA encryption from your browser to our data center. This is the same secure transport used by banks, healthcare providers, and nearly all other secure internet services. In addition, we encrypt all backups of your data using 256-bit AES algorithms. Data Transmitted to our disaster recovery location facility is always encrypted during transport using AES-256 bit encryption over the wire. These measures help ensure that your data is safe at Centerbase.
How closely do you monitor your security measures?
We keep a close eye on the performance and response time of your system. Offsite monitoring software constantly monitors our infrastructure for issues before they become failures. All client sites are part of a high availability group, so even a server hardware failure would mean only a few minutes of downtime while another server immediately picked up the workload for your site without loss of data.

We also monitor each client’s Centerbase site for response time to make sure you experience great performance. Our network operations center contains large displays to immediately indicate warnings and issues visually to our team, who also monitor these operations on their individual workstations.

Finally, our operations staff is notified via text and email when issues arise and are on call and available 24 x 7 x 365 to make sure your systems are up, running, and available to you. We understand there are no excuses if you have deadlines and court dates. Things need to work. All the time. No exception.


“Knowing that you can access the data 24/7 365, and that when you pull the data, it's going to be accurate, means that you have the flexibility to do what you need to do whenever you need to do it. If you're traveling internationally, or if you're working outside the office, it means that you can keep those wheels turning, no matter where you are and what you're doing. And it means that you're going to capture more time. We lost huge amounts of time and productivity when we had an unreliable system. Before Centerbase, as the person that had to manage fixing the software and working with the software companies, we had lost days of productivity in my department.”
Christine Giles
Office Administrator
Bollier Ciccone, LLP
"Thanks to our investment in cutting-edge technology and nimble workflow processes, we were able to transition to primarily remote work within one business day and with no interruptions to client service.”
Brian Winterfeldt
Founder and Principal
Winterfeldt IP Group
“If you're not evolving, and constantly changing, and improving, you're gonna get passed by eventually. And that's what I've always enjoyed here is the diversity of role and responsibility. But Centerbase allowed us to elevate it to a whole new level."
Rob Sadler
Firm Administrator
Hofheimer Family Law
“From an efficiency standpoint, there's really no question. There are less things to break. If you have an intake tool and an accounting tool and a case management tool, you have two connections there that are guaranteed to give you problems. There are going to be updates to all three of those tools that are probably gonna knock that integration a bit out of whack. So I like that Centerbase is an all-in-one tool.”
David Holl
Business Operations Manager
McKean Smith
“We wanted to customize things. And we were limited in doing that in Abacus. So that was a huge asset that Centerbase had. That was one of the big-ticket items that swayed us to choose Centerbase .”
Kim Edwards
Director of Operations and Paralegal
Allison & Mosby-Scott
"Training in Centerbase is so much easier than what it would have been if I had to train somebody new in Time Matters. I really believe the system is very user-friendly. Anyone who has some semblance of an idea of working with computers, even if it's online shopping. Just being able to navigate tabs and engage filters to get to what you want is so much easier to train a new person on than our old system."
Aimee Gannon
Operations Manager
Gonser & Gonser, PA
"You framed it [Centerbase] around the dedicated legal operations function and a strong legal operations team. You got my attention with that, kind of speaking to my heart. Because that's what law firm administrators do. And that's what Centerbase helps us do. And that's the sandbox that you give me. It is effecting change.”
Rob Sadler
Firm Administrator
Hofheimer Family Law
“Some of our clients have unique needs that Centerbase may not have been able to accommodate right out of the box, but between our account manager and their design team, we have been able to satisfy those requests.”
Donna Smith
Firm Administrator
Holtzman Vogel