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Manage & Grow With Our Mobile App

Give your timekeepers the modern tools they expect to manage and record their time on the go. And thankfully, it does so much more than just track time.

Manage your firm & track time from your cell phone

Record time and manage your matters wherever your work is happening with our mobile app. So you can hit your billable targets and service clients even if you’re in an airplane or the courtroom.
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Hit more billable targets

Use your phone to track your time as it’s happening. Even have it automatically recorded for you with our Automated Time Capture premium feature.
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Communicate with your clients securely

Call and text your clients while still protecting your personal phone number. With the SecureChat premium feature, you can keep a record of every client conversation.
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Get the data you need whenever you need it

Get the answers you need at your fingertips. Access bills, matters, contacts, documents, and more with our mobile app.

Our timer starts and stops when you do

Get paid for 100% of your work with our automatic timer. Instead of relying on your memory to record your time days later, have your time precisely tracked with the Automated Time Capture premium feature. As soon as you start texting and calling clients in our mobile app, our timer starts and stops with you. So you can easily bill for every second of your time.

Keep a record of every client communication

Keep a record of every text, call, email, appointment, and more with our Automated Time Capture premium feature. Instead of trying to remember what was discussed, have an accurate account of every conversation. As soon as clients text you, those interactions are automatically recorded to their matters. So you can refer back to those conversations with total certainty.

Protect your privacy with a private number

Give clients an easy way to contact you while still protecting your privacy with a private Centerbase number. Instead of handing out your personal cell phone number, forward texts and calls to your cell using our Automated Time Capture premium feature. So clients can still feel like they have total access to you - without actually sacrificing your privacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my time that’s automatically recorded?
Your time entries are automatically converted into billing entries with our Automated Time Captured premium feature. Once your time is recorded, a billing entry is ready for your approval on the appropriate matter.
Does the mobile app receive regular updates?
Yes, our mobile app is continuously updated along with your Centerbase site to ensure optimal performance always.
How many extra hours can I capture with the Mobile App?
Your firm can potentially capture up to 200 extra hours a month with the Automated Time Capture premium feature.
Does the mobile app recognize my personal number?
Yes, you can assign timekeepers dedicated Centerbase phone numbers that forward all calls and texts automatically to their cell phone. Your clients will never have access to your personal cell phone number. But you can still track time spent talking with clients from your mobile phone.
Does Automated Time Capture store the texts and emails between clients and I?
Yes, the Automated Time Capture premium feature stores all client communications sent from your phone or the SecureChat on your Centerbase site. So you have a clear record of what was discussed when you’re ready to bill for your hours.
Is Automated Time Capture different from regular Timekeeping?
Yes! With the Automated Time Capture premium feature, you can:

Automatically track inbound & outbound phone calls
Phone calls made from the Centerbase mobile app or received from your clients are automatically tracked and recorded as a billable event.

Automatically capture text messages and emails as billable events
Automatically capture time spent communicating over text and email with your clients from the Centerbase web or mobile app.

Automatically capture time for appointments and tasks
Any task, meeting, or appointment set in Centerbase is automatically captured as billable time.
Is manual timekeeping built-in to Centerbase?
Yes! Only our Automated Time Capture is a premium feature. When you choose Centerbase, you get access to an uncomplicated and built-in manual timesheet that runs on our mobile app and your Centerbase site.


“If you're traveling internationally, or if you're working outside the office, it means that you can keep those wheels turning, no matter where you are and what you're doing. And it means that you're going to capture more time. We lost huge amounts of time and productivity when we had an unreliable system. Before Centerbase, as the person that had to manage fixing the software and working with the software companies, we lost days of productivity in my department.”
Christine Giles
Office Administrator
Bollier Ciccone, LLP
“The app allows the timekeepers to enter activities in real-time — a game-changer for those tracking time while outside of the office.”
Donna Smith
Firm Administrator
Holtzman Vogel
"Centerbase increased our efficiency 10-fold with timekeeping and document storage. "
Kate Mataya
Senior Associate Attorney
McClure Law Group