iManage’s Intuitive Document Management With Centerbase Efficiency

Find, share, and edit documents with iManage’s intuitive workspaces + Centerbase’s efficient processes.

Use iManage & Centerbase to streamline your document management

With Centerbase as your firm’s central hub, automatically create workspaces with appropriate folder structures using the iManage integration. So you can access documents faster. Share them seamlessly. And edit them easily.

Access documents in one place with fewer clicks

With Centerbase as your firm’s central hub, the iManage integration automatically populates practice-area specific folder structures once you open a matter within Centerbase.

Edit documents easily

With the new tab view, you can compare matter details and documents side-by-side for easy editing.

Manage your documents the way you’re used to

Tag, filter, and manage your documents the way you’re familiar with. Even your matter names & metadata sync between iManage and Centerbase. So you can keep supporting your firm’s existing processes.

Capture more time while drafting documents

Centerbase’s Microsoft Office add-ins allow you to track time while working on your documents. So you can capture more billable time while using your iManage integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is the Centerbase and iManage integration?
With the combined benefits of iManage's built-in security capabilities and Centerbase’s 100% incident-free secure cloud hosting, your document data is completely secure.
Is there an extra fee for using iManage within Centerbase?
No, there are no added charges for using iManage with Centerbase outside of any separate subscription fees for iManage.


“If you're not evolving, and constantly changing, and improving, you're gonna get passed by eventually. And that's what I've always enjoyed here is the diversity of role and responsibility. But Centerbase allowed us to elevate it to a whole new level."
Rob Sadler
Firm Administrator
Hofheimer Family Law
“From an efficiency standpoint, there's really no question. There are less things to break. If you have an intake tool and an accounting tool and a case management tool, you have two connections there that are guaranteed to give you problems. There are going to be updates to all three of those tools that are probably gonna knock that integration a bit out of whack. So I like that Centerbase is an all-in-one tool.”
David Holl
Business Operations Manager
McKean Smith
“We wanted to customize things. And we were limited in doing that in Abacus. So that was a huge asset that Centerbase had. That was one of the big-ticket items that swayed us to choose Centerbase.”
Kim Edwards
Director of Operations and Paralegal at Allison & Mosby-Scott