Client Portal

The Client Portal That Makes Collaboration Easy

Make it easy for clients to do business with your firm. Give them a client-friendly view of matters, bills, documents, and so much more. So you can make every client feel like they’re your only client.

This client portal benefits more than just your clients

Make it easy to collaborate with clients on their matters. With solutions to share documents, pay bills, and more - it’s easy for your clients to do business with your firm. And even easier for you to do business with clients.
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Move matter work along faster

Conveniently exchange documents and information over the Client Portal. So you both get the answers you need to move the case along without back and forth conversation.
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Answer client questions before they call

With the client portal, your clients know where to look for answers before asking you. Giving you more uninterrupted time to focus on their work.
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Make it easy for clients to do business with your firm

Clients expect an easy, modern way to exchange information with you. Make it easy for them with the Client Portal. So they’ll keep coming back to your firm every time.

Auto-push bills to the client portal

Automatically or manually push clients’ bills to their dedicated portal. With 24/7 client access to view, pay, and download bills, your billing team gets more time back - and you get paid faster.

Securely exchange documents

You and your clients need a place to share vital documents. Instead of tracking documents down in email threads, use the Client Portal to view, share, and upload them. So you can move your matter work along faster than ever.

Share your calendar

Automatically keep clients abreast of their matter deadlines. With the Client Portal, your clients always know about upcoming appointments, tasks, and more - without you having to manually update them.

More Client Portal Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose what a client sees on their client portal?
Yes! You can customize what is viewed in the portal per client.
Can I send calendar updates and invitations to my clients?
Yes! You can keep the casework rolling by automatically sharing or sending matter deadlines, appointments, and tasks with clients.


"Thanks to our investment in cutting-edge technology and nimble workflow processes, we were able to transition to primarily remote work within one business day and with no interruptions to client service.”
Brian Winterfeldt
Founder and Principal
Winterfeldt IP Group
“If you're not evolving, and constantly changing, and improving, you're gonna get passed by eventually. And that's what I've always enjoyed here is the diversity of role and responsibility. But Centerbase allowed us to elevate it to a whole new level."
Rob Sadler
Firm Administrator
Hofheimer Family Law
“From an efficiency standpoint, there's really no question. There are less things to break. If you have an intake tool and an accounting tool and a case management tool, you have two connections there that are guaranteed to give you problems. There are going to be updates to all three of those tools that are probably gonna knock that integration a bit out of whack. So I like that Centerbase is an all-in-one tool.”
David Holl
Business Operations Manager
McKean Smith