Legal Timekeeping Solutions

Capture up to 200 extra billable hours per month with automatic and built-in timekeeping solutions.

Capture more billable hours with timekeeping solutions that fit the way you work

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Capture your time anywhere at anytime

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Automatically record time spent document drafting, emailing, and more

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Meet client communication expectations while capturing billable hours

Uncomplicated Timekeeping

Use our Global Timer and built-in timesheet to easily record your time at any point during your case work. So you can capture every billable second without disrupting your workflow.

Automated Time Capture

Automatically capture time spent texting, calling, emailing, managing documents, and more with Automated Time Capture (premium feature). So you can focus on delivering results to your clients without worrying about entering your time.

Convenient Mobile App

Meet modern timekeeper expectations with a Mobile App that enables you to capture billable hours contemporaneously. Whether you’re in the courtroom, at your desk, or traveling – you can conveniently track your time anywhere.

More Timekeeping Features

Frequently Asked Questions

How many extra hours can I capture?
Your firm can potentially capture up to 200 extra hours a month with the Automated Time Capture add-on.
Does Automated Time Capture store the texts and emails between clients and me?
Yes, the Automated Time Capture add-on stores all client communications sent from your phone or via the SecureChat on your Centerbase site. So you have a clear record of what was discussed when you’re ready to bill for your hours.
Is Automated Time Capture different from regular Timekeeping?
Yes! With the Automated Time Capture premium feature, you can:

Automatically track inbound & outbound phone calls
Phone calls made from the Centerbase mobile app or received from your clients are automatically tracked and recorded as a billable event.

Automatically capture text messages, emails, and document management activities as billable events
Automatically capture time spent managing documents, communicating over text, and emailing with your clients from the Centerbase web or mobile app.

Automatically capture time for appointments and tasks
Any task, meeting, or appointment set in Centerbase is automatically captured as billable time.
Is manual timekeeping built-in to Centerbase?
Yes! Only our Automated Time Capture is a premium feature. When you choose Centerbase, you get access to an uncomplicated and built-in manual timesheet that runs on our mobile app and your Centerbase site.


“Centerbase’s Automated Time Capture is a true differentiator. It not only helps you conveniently communicate with clients, but also keeps you compliant and organized.”
Clayton Romero
Founding Partner
“Automated Time Capture will pay for itself.”
John Turco
Managing Partner
John T. Turco & Associates
“If you're traveling internationally, or if you're working outside the office, it means that you can keep those wheels turning, no matter where you are and what you're doing. And it means that you're going to capture more time. We lost huge amounts of time and productivity when we had an unreliable system. Before Centerbase, as the person that had to manage fixing the software and working with the software companies, we lost days of productivity in my department.”
Christine Giles
Office Administrator
Bollier Ciccone, LLP
“The app allows the timekeepers to enter activities in real-time — a game-changer for those tracking time while outside of the office.”
Donna Smith
Firm Administrator
Holtzman Vogel
"Centerbase increased our efficiency 10-fold with timekeeping and document storage."
Kate Mataya
Senior Associate Attorney
McClure Law Group