Document Management

Legal Document Management Solutions

Accelerate your firm’s productivity through document management that enables seamless matter management, automation, & time capture – all within your modern legal practice management platform.

Create, share, and store documents with native, comprehensive Document Management

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Enhance productivity with document creation and organization automation

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Capture more time with flexible and automatic timekeeping options

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Drive successful user adoption with intuitive & familiar document management

A single, simplified experience

Your documents, folders, & metrics are fully integrated within your matter management, timekeeping, and more. Request and attach eSignatures from your matters, use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to perform global searches and conflict checks, and manage document workspaces without leaving Centerbase.

Automate your document processes

Automatically save & generate documents with Automated Workflows, auto-fill document templates with matter and client data, and automatically save emails to workspaces. Even create standard folder structures to be populated upon matter creation.

Turn activities into billable hours

Automatically record your time when using Word and Outlook via Automated Time Capture (premium feature). Or use our universal timer to manually capture time at any point of your document management processes.

More Document Management Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Document Management included in a Centerbase subscription?
Yes, all Centerbase subscriptions include Document Management!
How much document storage will I receive?
Document storage begins at 1TB per firm + 10G per user.
Do you have an integration with iManage?
Yes, with Centerbase as your firm’s central hub, your iManage account automatically populates practice-area specific folder structures once you open a matter within Centerbase.
Do you have an integration with NetDocuments?
Yes, your NetDocuments account is embedded inside Centerbase. So opening a client matter in Centerbase automatically opens a workspace in NetDocuments right inside the matter.


“The system just feels so user-friendly that it feels like I've known how to operate in it for so long."
Aimee Gannon
Operations Manager
Gonser & Gonser, PA
“We wanted to customize things. And we were limited in doing that in Abacus. So that was a huge asset that Centerbase had. That was one of the big-ticket items that swayed us to choose Centerbase .”
Kim Edwards
Director of Operations and Paralegal
Allison & Mosby-Scott
“If you're not evolving, and constantly changing, and improving, you're gonna get passed by eventually. And that's what I've always enjoyed here is the diversity of role and responsibility. But Centerbase allowed us to elevate it to a whole new level."
Rob Sadler
Firm Administrator
Hofheimer Family Law
"Centerbase definitely has the strongest integration with NetDocs, which was important to us.”
Eve Kramer
Firm Administrator
"Centerbase increased our efficiency 10-fold with timekeeping and document storage."
Kate Mataya
Senior Associate Attorney
McClure Law Group