Centerbase for Managing Partners

Run a future ready law firm with Centerbase.


Grow topline revenue

Generate more topline revenue by capturing time in programs used by your timekeepers throughout the day. Automate non-billable, administrative work so your staff has more time to serve clients.

Automatically capture more billable hours – With Centerbase’s automated time capture tools and Microsoft add-ins, your timekeepers capture more time throughout the day.

Ensure costs get billed back to clients – Integrated credit card feeds and account payable modules makes it easy to bill expenses back to clients as they’re being entered.

Automate non-billable activities – Our workflow engine makes it easy to automate non-billable, administrative work such as sending follow up emails, updating client information or calendaring tasks for team members.

Improve cash flow

Improve your firm’s cash flow and receivables by getting your bills out faster, making it easy for your clients to pay on the spot and staying on top of late payments.

Bill clients faster – Process pre-bills faster than ever using our electronic pre-bill approval tools. Concurrently approve bills instead of waiting on multiple pre-bills to be marked up by an attorney.

Make client payments easier – Email bills directly to clients and provide them a way to pay by credit card right on the spot.

Send timely payment reminders – Automatically send out reminder emails when bills are overdue.

Make informed business decisions

Take the guesswork out of running your law firm with Centerbase’s intelligent reporting and dashboard tools.

Review business reports – Generate the reports you need to run the business. Centerbase includes a standard report pack and a custom report builder to ensure we cover everything you need.

View real-time dashboards to keep day-to-day pulse – Get a real-time view of how the firm is operating as a whole. Because Centerbase is an integrated accounting, billing, and practice management software, you can see everything in one place, at one time.

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