Choose to Integrate QuickBooks Online With Centerbase Accounting

Sync your billing information to QuickBooks Online. So you can drive efficiency using the tools you already know and love. Without risking double-entry errors.

Use the tools you’re used to with the added power of Centerbase

Sync your billing information to QuickBooks Online for visibility across all of your platforms. Efficiently use tools you’re already familiar with - while still harnessing the power of Centerbase.

Choose to automatically sync your billing information to QuickBooks Online

Sync your billing codes, bills, payments, and credits to QuickBooks Online. So you can work out of the platforms you’re used to. Without risking double-entry errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is QuickBooks Online the same as QuickBooks?
No, QuickBooks Online is a version of the original QuickBooks.
Is QuickBooks required to use Centerbase Accounting?
No, Centerbase Accounting is fully functional and robust without the QuickBooks integration.
Is there an added fee to use QuickBooks Online with Centerbase?
No, there are no added charges for using QuickBooks Online with Centerbase outside of any separate subscription fees for QuickBooks Online.


“Bringing in the full billing history was a big priority for us. Centerbase was the only one who said they could do that.”
Kim Edwards
Director of Operations and Paralegal
Allison & Mosby-Scott
“Centerbase is user friendly, and it’s easy to navigate. The email bill function is easy, and we can always go back to check all the details in their separate matters.”
Accounts Manager
Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch, PC
"Centerbase has absolutely improved our ability to generate invoices and get paid quickly for our accounts. It gives back that valuable resource to our employees which is time since all of our work is billable time."
Aimee Gannon
Operations Manager
Gonser & Gonser, PA
“We have grown so much that it allows me to stay on top of billing. What once took an entire month, I can now go from start to finish by the 20th of the month. A feat not possible with Harvest, the software Centerbase replaced.”
Donna Smith
Firm Administrator
Holtzman Vogel
”Part of the reason why we adopted the ePre-bill approval process was so we could incorporate workflows into it. We’ve always approved our pre-bills electronically, but we had no easy way to monitor how much the attorneys were discounting until after the fact. Now, the workflow uses several parameters to determine the level of discounting and will route any bills that exceed our thresholds to the partners for their review. This has basically eliminated the problem. It was a huge giveaway. And now the firm's significantly benefiting from the new process."
David Holl
Firm Operations Manager
McKean Smith
"We love the ePre-bill process. We have 4 different offices, a ton of attorneys, and a ton of clients. So we were doing everything by hand and by printed paper. And most attorneys had 300+ pages a month that they were reviewing of a printed-out invoice. Our default was mail only. And that completely switched during the pandemic. So, everything for us is now electronic. We really like being able to email invoices with a click."
Aimee Gannon
Operations Manager
Gonser & Gonser, PA
“When you run bills, being able to tell it whether or not to automatically apply the retainer payment - some products don't do that. You have to manually apply it for every single invoice.”
Christine Giles
Office Administrator
Bollier Ciccone, LLP
"[ePre-bill] made it easier to get paid on the work we're doing."
Aimee Gannon
Operations Manager
Gonser & Gonser, PA
“[Automated Workflows and ePre-bill] cuts down on a lot of time, and admin time. Specifically, entering changes that people wrote in red pen on a piece of paper. That saved us a ton of time.”
Izzy Guerra
Director of Technology and Strategic Project
Harris Family Law
"Our attorneys can review their pre-bills electronically, and we can send them out with a click of a button. Most certainly that has definitely changed and helped our most valuable asset which are our attorneys since they are of course the highest billers of the firm. And it's really given them back time."
Aimee Gannon
Operations Manager
Gonser & Gonser, PA
“What we’re most excited about is how trackable everything is. When a pre-bill becomes a posted bill, when it gets emailed, all that stuff. That's really helpful.”
Eve Kramer
Firm Administrator
"As soon as we send our invoices, we get calls in about 15 to 20 minutes for payments of account. When before we'd have to mail them out to our clients, and then maybe not get payment for weeks. Hopefully within that same month but not even guaranteed on that either."
Aimee Gannon
Operations Manager
Gonser & Gonser, PA