Advanced Reporting

Optimize Your Growth With Advanced Reporting

Optimize and gain visibility into your firm’s growth and profitability with adaptive and real-time reporting solutions. So you can make data-driven business decisions that improve the bottom line.

Holistic and insightful reports that support strategic decision making

Confidently analyze and forecast for your firm with easy-to-build reports that deliver the holistic data you need to support your firm's growth.
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Grow your firm with exact data - not guesstimates

Because our reporting is built-in to Centerbase, it already knows your data. So when you run a report, the data is accurate and updated in real-time. Helping you make strategic decisions to support your firm’s growth.
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You have the autonomy to build the reports you need

With an interface similar to Excel, you can intuitively build reports - without tech support bottlenecks. So you can deliver fast answers to partners and shareholders.
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Report on any data that’s custom to your firm

Because Centerbase gives you unlimited custom data fields, you can report on any data your firm needs. No metric is off-limits when it comes to our Advanced Reporting.

View reports in three different ways

Create basic reports in just seconds with a handful of data fields you report on regularly with the Express View. Similar to creating pivot tables in Excel, you can also create complex reports in minutes with unlimited data fields using the Advanced View. Even get customizable widgets that give you an at-a-glance view of multiple reports in one place with the Dashboard View.

More Advanced Reporting Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there reporting templates I can use?
Yes, there are multiple pre-built reports (like 1099 Tax Reports) ready as soon as you log into Centerbase. These report templates analyze data such as:

Quickly generate reports to understand what receivables are due to be collected, identify high revenue clients, and month-to-date payments.

Run segmented P&L reports by location, practice area or partner to quickly understand where money is being made or lost. Quickly generate comparative reports to compare prior periods.

Quickly build general ledger budgets to identify trends, timekeeper budgets to hit more targets and matter budgets to keep clients satisfied.

Drill into how your staff uses their time. See how much billable time has been entered in any date range, and the difference between worked and billed hours.

Compensation: Production
Run reports that match your firm’s compensation model. Centerbase includes stock reports or tools to make custom reports so you’re no longer compensating on a spreadsheet.

Compensation: Origination
Calculate compensation for one or multiple attorneys for new opportunities they’ve brought to the firm. Set up origination tables based on effective date ranges if compensation changes over time.
Can I report on custom data fields?
Of course! That’s what Centerbase’s Advanced Reporting is designed for.
Can I limit who sees certain reports?
Yes, with our role and record-based permissions, you can limit reporting visibility easily.
Can I export and import reports?
Yes, easily export and import any reports with one click.


“Centerbase is more user-friendly, and I have more control of customizing and creating reports.”
Kim Edwards
Director of Operations and Paralegal
Allison & Mosby-Scott
“To me, it made more sense to go with something that was more flexible and customizable.”
David Holl
Business Operations Manager
McKean Smith
“Accessing facts and providing details is a vital factor for accurate reporting. Centerbase has automated many functions that previously were generated manually. We have access to queries and or reports that have shaved off days & weeks from our time - previously unavailable in our old software.”
Donna Smith
Firm Administrator
Holtzman Vogel
“In my area, we do a lot of evergreen retainers. And so, one of the things that was a real deciding factor for me in choosing a product was how well it handled that. So, things like being able to handle multiple retainers on one matter. And when you run bills, being able to tell it whether or not to automatically apply the retainer payment. Some products don't do that, so you have to manually apply it for every single invoice. There is also a really amazing report for Trusts, WIP and AR that I love.”
Christine Giles
Office Administrator
Bollier Ciccone, LLP