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  1. Your Centerbase site is personalized to every role and practice area.
  2. Timekeepers consistently hit billable targets with no-fuss timekeeping.
  3. You can complete busy work even when you’re not working.
  4. Your data is protected externally and internally.
  5. Your front and back office teams work in tandem.
  6. You can accommodate every client without burdening your staff.
  7. Managing your practice from your phone is finally a viable option.

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    “We quickly outgrew our legacy software and required a more advanced cloud-based solution to streamline our firm operations. Since switching to Centerbase our lives are so much easier, especially in a remote work environment.”

    CHERIE EMLING, Personnel Manager
    Chilton Yambert Porter, LLP

    “The functionality of Centerbase custom fields is incredibly useful. Whether I’m building a report on financials or matter information, I can quickly drill into what I’m looking for. This allows us to make better business decisions for the firm.”

    Arias Bosinger

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