Profitability Reporting

Manage Your Firm Based on Profit With Profitability Reporting

Track and analyze key metrics such as revenue, expenses, billable hours, realization rates, and profit margins. So you can optimize your firm’s profitability and improve its financial performance.

Run your firm focused on profit opportunities.

Hedge inflation and stagnant billable hour rates by precisely gauging where, who, and how your firm can optimize its financial performance.
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Get an accurate picture of cost vs revenue

Get a complete picture of actual net profit. So you can start answering questions like which timekeeper is critical to retain, what practice areas need expansion, and which matters are really contributing to your bottom line.
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Know where and how your firm can optimize costs

Track individual attorneys, practice groups, or firm wide revenue, expenses, and profit margins. So you can set profitable billing rates & pricing, identify timekeeper & practice areas of opportunity, and create accurate budgets.
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Deliver the data behind business decisions that partners expect

Go beyond showing only billed vs collected to your shareholders. And start delivering the precise business decisions partners need to be profitable.

Analyze data at every level you need

Track each lawyer's billable hours, hourly rates, and realization rates to determine their individual profitability. Or analyze the revenue and expenses of different practice areas to determine which areas are the most profitable. Even measure the overall revenue, expenses, and profit margins of the entire firm. So you can precisely target where your firm can improve its financial performance.

More Profitability Reporting Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Profitability Reporting an additional cost to use?
No, all Centerbase customers have access to Profitability Reporting at no extra cost!
Can I report on custom data fields?
Of course! That’s what Profitability Reporting is designed for.
Can I limit who sees certain reports?
Yes, with our role and record-based permissions, you can limit reporting visibility easily.
Can I export and import reports?
Yes, easily export and import any reports with one click.


“I’ve never seen a company that had such good customer support and friendly people. Everyone is helpful, gets back to you, trains you well, gives you access to weekly webinars – that's not normal among other companies. I can tell [Centerbase] is trying hard. I don’t think you’re going to find another company that’s trying to help you more.”
John Turco
Managing Partner
John T. Turco & Associates
“The system just feels so user-friendly that it feels like I've known how to operate in it for so long."
Aimee Gannon
Operations Manager
Gonser & Gonser, P.A.
“Knowing that you can access the data 24/7 365, and that when you pull the data, it's going to be accurate, means that you have the flexibility to do what you need to do whenever you need to do it. If you're traveling internationally, or if you're working outside the office, it means that you can keep those wheels turning, no matter where you are and what you're doing. And it means that you're going to capture more time. We lost huge amounts of time and productivity when we had an unreliable system. Before Centerbase, as the person that had to manage fixing the software and working with the software companies, we had lost days of productivity in my department.”
Christine Giles
Office Administrator
Bollier Ciccone, LLP