Case Study
Case Study

New Estate Planning and Probate Firm Hits the Ground Running with Centerbase

The family-focused attorneys of Lisa Newman Law, PLLC are dedicated to being a trusted partner for their clients who are planning for the future. They provide approachable guidance for wills, revocable/irrevocable trusts, financial/medical powers of attorney, limited liability companies, directives to physicians, HIPAA authorizations, declarations of guardianship, and family limited partnerships.
Lisa Newman, Attorney and Firm Owner
Lisa Newman Law, PLLC

The Background

Starting your own business is no easy task. Lisa Newman knows this better than most.

When she left her previous law firm to open Lisa Newman Law, PLLC in May 2021, one of her first orders of business was finding the right legal technology for her new estate planning and probate firm.

Luckily, she didn’t have to search too far; her previous firm had found Centerbase through word of mouth three years prior and had been a client for just as long.

Prior to Centerbase, Lisa and her partner at the time utilized a separate standalone computer with a note-taking application that was so old it couldn’t even run on a Windows program. Despite the software’s antiquated features, they were still hesitant to switch to a new solution, as they knew where their information was stored and were happy with the number of fields the older program was able to track. However, they knew a system upgrade was probably in order to keep their firm running efficiently.

After onboarding with Centerbase, the implementations team worked with Lisa’s old firm to create a custom, out-of-the-box Notes solution just for the firm with all of the fields necessary to track client and matter information in one central location, which she called a “huge improvement” over their previous software.

After three years at her previous firm, Lisa knew she could expect a customizable, cloud-based practice management and billing platform in Centerbase, and when one of her newly hired associates pushed for the software as well, it was a no-brainer to her to implement it at Lisa Newman Law.

Joining the Centerbase Client Community

Implementation specialists often assume their clients know technical jargon, but “Centerbase spoke in simple terms and did what they said they would do,” Lisa notes.

Throughout the process, her implementations team clearly identified the next steps and according to Lisa, “(they) exhibited diligence and caution, which put my mind at ease and laid a smooth foundation for the rest of the onboarding and training process.”

So much so, that when Lisa got the opportunity to meet her implementation specialist, Alex, in person, “I hugged her and gave her a gift to thank her for all of her help,” Lisa says with a laugh.

Personal touches with Centerbase do not stop there. Lisa also points to reporting as another feature of the software where she enjoys taking advantage of the customization options available to her through Centerbase.

She has talked to her designated account manager on more than one occasion to create custom reports, specifically related to billing.

“I like that I can tell Centerbase exactly what I need and they create the report for me,” explains Lisa.

The Centerbase implementation specialist spoke in simple terms and did what they said they would do. They clearly identified next steps and exhibited both diligence and caution, which put my mind at ease and laid a smooth foundation for the rest of the onboarding and training process.

The Results

These days, it’s pretty much business as usual for Lisa Newman Law as the team continues to get up to speed in the new firm.

Empowered with custom note-taking and financial reporting features, Lisa is able to complete her own billing and print pre-bills in-house.

A self-proclaimed handwritten list fan, (yes, they still exist!) Lisa can get the best of both worlds by writing her daily completed tasks on a notepad and later entering them into the system.

Thanks to the hassle-free timekeeping integrations within Outlook and the mobile app, Lisa is able to ensure she remembers everything she worked on throughout the course of her day.

“That is real money that could be missed out on for my firm if not billed in a timely manner,” says Lisa.

Lisa estimates that between the customized aspects and the timekeeping feature she utilizes daily, she cuts down on 10 hours of busy work a month (roughly two a week) using Centerbase and instead is able to focus that energy on capturing more billable time.

As with any law firm, change is often imminent. Soon, Lisa Newman Law will be moving to a flat fee billing arrangement.

With Centerbase, she is confident this shift in billing procedures will go off without a hitch.

“I feel certain that someone will be able to explain (that) in a simple to understand way and that we will be able to get up to speed quickly with flat fees. Centerbase listens to my needs and always finds a solution.”

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