Case Study
Case Study

Building a Future Ready Firm with Gerber Ciano Kelly Brady, LLP

Based in Manhattan, New York, Gerber Ciano Kelly Brady LLP’s mission is to provide the best legal services unrestrained by the traditional law-firm business model, helping control costs and deliver better service and cost certainty for clients facing litigation in the U.S.
John Jablonski, Managing Partner
Gerber Ciano Kelly Brady, LLP
New York

In this special interview we share a view from the road to rapid growth, as seen through the eyes of John Jablonski, Managing Partner of Gerber Ciano Kelly Brady, LLP.

In 2017, six attorneys left a large firm to begin a new practice, with the vision to build and grow into a global firm with one hundred attorneys and staff laser-focused on delivering efficient legal representation to their clients.

With Managing Partner John Jablonski leading the business and technology planning, he set to work with an intimate understanding of what achieving their vision would require. In his previous role, John served as the lead Technology Partner supporting a lifecycle of technology changes, from the firm’s early days migrating from Tabs3 to Aderant, plus several other platform transitions.

These experiences equipped him with the ability to predict when Gerber Ciano Kelly Brady would ‘out-grow’ a small firm market solution, as well as understand the limitations of complex large firm systems that are cost prohibitive or hinder growth. For their new venture, John sought a cloud-based program that was also flexible enough to deliver the following:

Ease of Use

When it comes to the ease of customization, programs that are built to suit come with an incredible level of complexity. John witnessed first-hand how the power of an application can also impact growth and efficiency. An interesting quandary – the more customizable a program was, the harder it can be to tailor it to specific law firm needs.

To compare, what used to require a developer and consultant as well as a detailed technology implementation plan can be accomplished in Centerbase within minutes, not weeks or months. John said it best, “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand how to use Centerbase.”

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand how to use Centerbase.


Gerber Ciano Kelly Brady, LLP’s vision for achieving greater efficiency in all areas is what sets it apart from their competitors. John explains that adaptability and ease of use are a necessity when it comes to achieving the law firm’s goals for continual process improvement:

“We want employees to be able to identify business process opportunities and bring them to our attention. They must feel comfortable with the system to brainstorm ways for us to continue to streamline our processes.”

Ability to Build Efficiencies

With Centerbase, John and his team can build out or adjust workflows and automations with just a few clicks, a practice that is dramatically different to how traditional systems operate. “The answer for most law firms is to hire more people. More billing, accounting, or financial people – rather than improving processes. We look for technology that helps us build efficiencies into our practice.” Centerbase is a system capable of growing with organizations, including supporting a one-hundred attorney plus law firm. In John’s words; “In what I would call the ‘middle- market’ there are limited options. We looked at other providers such as Rocket Matter and Clio but knew we would quickly outgrow them. Centerbase was the solution that stood out as a system that would support our needs today and years from now.”

In what I would call the ‘middle- market’ there are limited options. We looked at other providers such as Rocket Matter and Clio but knew we would quickly outgrow them. Centerbase was the solution that stood out as a system that would support our needs today and years from now.”

Customer Service & Training

The explosive growth of the firm requires John and his team to navigate new billing systems quickly. John commended the Centerbase Support Team for supporting their vision and rapid growth of users, citing a specific example around LEDESTM format billing. “Centerbase supports our vision. When our firm needed assistance creating a custom process for LEDESTM format bill submission for our clients, the Centerbase team was tremendously valuable. They dedicated time and development resources to the programming of specialty codes for our clients, now we can generate invoices and upload them in very little time. A project that has been a huge time saver for us and contributed to our firm being paid faster.”

Ease of use and support were the key to the firm’s successful implementation. Noting that migration services and training were included in the cost, John shares that the firm’s timekeepers needed very little training, which positioned the law firm to be up and running even faster than expected. Centerbase includes an extensive Certified Partner Network of over 90 of the Leading Law Firm Consultants nationwide. Expanding Centerbase’s Capabilities with Integrated Systems The more Gerber Ciano Kelly Brady uses Centerbase, the more opportunities for adaptation they identify. For example, the firm is integrating NetDocuments which will further streamline its practice through automated document filing and secure file sharing.

In Summary

For law firms to attract their ideal clients, they must demonstrate a transparent process and measures of efficiency that speaks to how a matter is handled. John shares his approach to selecting technology that reflects the firm’s commitment to client service:

“How we look at Centerbase is how we look at building our entire firm. In every area of our business, we seek out the best of breed solutions that we can leverage for the benefit of our clients, from HR to accounting, practice management and more.”

A business-minded approach that has not only served the firm well but also allowed them to scale at an unprecedented rate. Instead of thinking about where they are today, they are focused on building a firm that can support where they will be ten years from now. In doing so, John and his team have proven that with the right processes and systems to support their team, three-year goals can be achieved in less than a year.

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