Centerbase for Attorneys

Manage your practice from anywhere.


Capture more time without doing more work

Automatically capture time communicating with clients – Capture time spent on your mobile phone speaking to or texting with clients. Pick and choose which conversations you want to bill back to the client when it’s convenient for you.

Capture time spent sending emails and reviewing documents – Record time on every email sent or received in Microsoft Outlook. Make time entries directly from Microsoft Word as you’re reviewing, editing or finalizing a document.

Enter your time when it’s convenient for you – Enter time from our web or mobile interface. Whether you’re standing in line or sitting at your desk, our timesheet is ready when you are.

More reasons for a client to pick you

Use technology to differentiate your services from the other attorneys in town.

Create shared spaces for your clients – Offer a safe place for your clients to interact with you. Share documents, calendar appointments or billing information without sending a single email.

Text your clients – Clients love to text, whether it’s personal or business. Text message clients directly from Centerbase without giving your personal phone number out and track the conversation over the lifetime of your matter.

Answer questions from anywhere – Clients expect answers now. With Centerbase, you’ll have access to all your client information right at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Work better as a team

Organize your team better – Use our kanban task management features to create, assign, and review tasks for your team members. View everything the team is working on in a single screen.

Communicate in real-time about matters – Eliminate extra emails and phone calls by using our Case Chat feature to instant message your team directly from within Centerbase.

Provide a single place for everything related to your matter – You no longer need to search multiple programs to find the information you’re looking for. Your entire team can organize information related to your matter in one place.

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