Project Management Tools

Better casework comes from firms that work better together.


Bring the power of a visual perspective to your firm with TaskFrame™

Visually plan, track, and manage matters from start to finish

Organize your team and manage your day

Schedule tasks for other team members

Easily schedule tasks for other members of your team. Filter Kanban card down to see individual users to do’s

See when tasks are completed

Track completed tasks throughout the day.

Allocate your resources more efficiently

Understand how your team’s being utilized and shift priorities as things come up.

Prioritize your day

Prioritize what needs your attention first when you get to the office.

See upcoming deadlines

View what tasks are coming up and create reminders as an added alert.

Shift things around

Easily shuffles tasks around to manage your daily load. Reassign tasks to other members of your team if you can’t get to them.

Matter collaboration toolset

Get out of your inbox. Take advantage of our internal chat system to collaborate on matters and keep track of what’s going on.


Bring your team together – Communicate with your team in real-time when you need to ask questions or get feedback on work you’re doing.

Reduce emails – Decrease the numbers of emails in your inbox by bringing internal conversations to chat.

Track conversation history – Track conversations on a matter level, allowing you to reference back to the conversation at any point.


Real-time mentions – Mention a member of your team in a conversation to send them a real-time popup notification.

Subscribe to matters – Subscribe to a matter’s chat so you can see any and all updates regarding a matter.

Notification center – Use the Notification Center to review matters that need your attention.

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“Centerbase is very easy to navigate and use, and it is great to be able to connect from anywhere. I have been able to keep up with work while traveling this summer with family.”

Amy C.
Firm Administrator, Gray Becker PC

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