Webinar Recording

Your Firm’s Website and ADA-Compliance: Yet Another Reason for Prospects to Choose You!

I’m sure you’re asking yourself “How does website accessibility affect my firm? ”

Quite simply, you miss out on serving the most proven loyal consumer group (that makes up 20% of the US population!) when you have an inaccessible website. When you take steps to ensure an inclusive website, it results in your law firm’s brand reaching a greater potential client base. When everyone can access your website, everyone wins.

Register for our webinar and see how you can have a high-performing ADA and WCAG-compliant website with low effort on your part.

During our webinar, you’ll see:

  • How we are ensuring our websites compliance meet the WCAG guidelines
  • What accessibility features you need to reach up to 20% more hungry prospects
  • Insights on how accessibility is changing your practice and the digital space

Start the year on a high note. Who doesn’t want a better brand and more prospects for less work?