Case Study
Case Study

How a Midsize Law Firm Gets Paid 20% Faster and Saves $35,000 Per Year with Centerbase

Latham, Luna, Eden & Beaudine, LLP is a dynamic law firm located in downtown Orlando, Florida. They represent businesses, big and small, in a wide array of fields.
Jane Corser
Firm Administrator

Preparing a fee affidavit is a common task for most law firms. At the firm of Lathan, Luna, Eden & Beaudine, that task—and many others—was inordinately long and time-consuming. 

The problem lay with the firm’s previous platform. The platform was challenging to use—so most attorneys and paralegals would email the admin team to get the information they needed to prepare fee affidavits and other tasks where they needed data.


Inefficient reporting and billing processes

The problem lay with the firm’s previous platform. The platform was challenging to use—so most attorneys and paralegals would email the admin team to get the information they needed to prepare fee affidavits and other tasks where they needed data.

When the admin team received the request, they would drop what they were doing, find the information in the firm’s management platform, and download it. Usually, they would need to pull multiple reports and format the information as well.

Jane Corser, Firm Administrator at Latham, Luna, Eden & Beaudine, explains:

“You’d have to pull six or eight different reports and then compile your own data. It was really manually driven. And it was frustrating enough that users didn’t use it.”

This inefficient process caused substantial delays. Depending on how busy the admin team was, these requests could sit in their queue from two hours to two days. 

Disconnected tools

In addition to the inefficiencies inherent to the firm’s previous platform, the platform also had limited functionality. Consequently, the admin team had to use other, unconnected tools. 

Inefficient reporting and poor data insights

Because information resided in separate tools, it was difficult for lawyers, paralegals, and administrators to get reporting and data insights efficiently, in real time—such as matter status.

“Is an account open or closed? What have we collected today? What’s in WIP? What’s in trust? What’s the A/R balance? We couldn’t see these at a glance,” says Jane.  

Duplicate data entry tasks

Many attorneys relied on their paralegals to enter information into the management platform because it was so difficult to use. This was most evident in the tracking of billable hours. 

Most attorneys tracked their hours outside of the platform and emailed their hours to paralegals for data entry—a duplication of efforts. 

Long billing cycles with delayed client payments

Accounting and client billing functions were also time-consuming and inefficient. Many of these tasks were performed manually and involved multiple steps. Cutting a check, for example, required eight separate steps. 

This complexity contributed to long billing cycles, which created delays in how long it took for the firm to receive payment from its clients. 


Centerbase firm management platform

Given these issues, Jane and her team were eager to find a better solution. After assessing their options, they chose Centerbase. She says:

"We’ve achieved billing efficiencies, gotten revenue in the door quicker, and helped increase staff efficiency with Centerbase."

All-in-one platform

With Centerbase, the firm of Latham, Luna, Eden & Beaudine no longer uses disparate tools, such as Quicken, to get the functionality they need.

The Centerbase platform has everything they need, including billing, accounting, bank account management, and time tracking. Even trust accounting is easily and efficiently managed within the same platform. 

Self-serve reporting for lawyers and paralegals

Centerbase is intuitive and easy to use, which empowers attorneys and paralegals to use the system directly and get the information they need faster and more efficiently.

“Centerbase has really improved efficiencies. Attorneys and paralegals don’t have to stop what they’re doing, send us an email, and wait for us to respond,” says Jane. 

Attorneys and paralegals can also see real-time matter status at a glance, often negating the need to pull a report. 

“The dashboard with key metrics is amazing. Once our users saw that, it really got them hooked and excited about using Centerbase,” says Jane.

Distributed and democratized data entry

The easy-to-use Centerbase platform also empowers users, including attorneys, to input information directly into the system rather than forwarding data to paralegals for data entry—a much more efficient, streamlined process.

Less burden on admin and accounting teams

Now that many lawyers and paralegals can get what they need for themselves from the platform, the admin and accounting teams have more time to focus on other important tasks. 

Admin and accounting work more efficiently too. They’re not inundated with information requests throughout the day, which frees them to focus on the task at hand. 

“It used to take me 10 or so days to get through the billing cycle. Now it takes me just three,” says Jane.

With the Centerbase platform, admin and accounting tasks are also much less time-consuming, which means that Jane and others don’t have to put in extra long days and weekends.

“I used to spend at least one day a week working until 8:00 pm or later, and usually Saturday mornings. I no longer have to do that. I can get all my work done within the workday,” says Jane. 

The paralegals also benefit from the efficiencies gained with the new platform, which contributes to a less hectic work environment.

Faster receipt of payments

Jane and her team revamped their client billing process to make it more efficient and shorten their billing cycle with Centerbase.

They adopted a batch billing system where they distribute pre-bills on one day of the month, edits are due five days later, and invoices are issued five days after that. This system helps eliminate billing errors and speed up the process. 

It also means that the firm receives payment faster. 

“Because we get bills out the door quicker, we get receipts from our clients more efficiently. By the next billing cycle, I have very few accounts receivable still outstanding,” says Jane.


Saving 75 hours a monthand getting paid 20% faster

By centralizing firm operations and management on the Centerbase platform, Latham, Luna, Eden & Beaudine is saving 75 hours per month through intuitive, self-serve reporting and more efficient processes.

Time savings are so substantial. Jane estimates the firm is saving about $35,000 per year because of Centerbase’s efficiencies.

At the same time, the revamped billing process means that the firm is getting paid about 20% faster than before. 

Jane is also confident that time tracking is not only more efficient, it’s also entered more consistently with no hours lost.

Improved efficiencies across the firm have also created a more balanced work environment, where admin staff and paralegals can complete their work.  

Much of the success of the Centerbase platform is attributable to its high adoption rate. Jane estimates that 80% of the firm’s attorneys use Centerbase every day.

"With Centerbase, we have a better work environment—and  that helps with retention and recruiting talent."

Jane Corser, Firm Administrator at Latham, Luna, Eden & Beaudine

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