Webinar Recording

Your Firm’s Website and ADA-Compliance: Curb Litigation Risks, and Get a Tax Credit!

An uncomplicated way to qualify for a potential tax credit

Attend our FREE webinar in our accessibility series: “Your Firm’s Website and ADA Compliance: Curb Litigation Risks and Get a Tax Credit” on Wednesday, January 18th,  at 1:00 PM CDT.

During our webinar, you’ll see:

  • How we are ensuring our websites compliance meet the WCAG guidelines
  • The #1 way to eliminate non-compliance lawsuits
  • How to qualify for a potential tax credit
  • Accessibility features you need to reach up to 20% more loyal prospects

ADA Compliance is More Than Just Compliance

Your firm could qualify for the annual tax credit the IRS offers for businesses open to the public that take steps to ensure their websites meet ADA compliance guidelines.

But not only does making your site ADA compliant potentially qualify you for a tax credit, it also:

  1. Increases your audience across a proven loyal customer base
  1. Positions you as unique from your competition
  1. Reduces the risk of time-consuming and expensive demand letters claiming non-compliance
  1. Attracts and retains talent at your firm by showcasing a diverse and inclusive culture

And in less than 5 minutes, your site can be optimized for ADA compliance.