Centerbase Payments and Legalfit Websites Webinar

Join us for our webinar “Centerbase Payments: The modern solution for payment processing” on May 24th at 2:00 PM CDT to learn more about this new addition to Legalfit’s suite of website, and marketing tools! 

By the end of our 30-minute webinar, you’ll know:  

  • The benefits of taking payments online 
  • How Centerbase Payments works with your Legalfit Website 
  • How payments are accounted for in your existing accouting system 
  • How you can sign up for Centerbase Payments 

Throughout the webinar, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with our Google Ads experts. 

Registering is FREE!  

Don't miss out on your opportunity to get paid faster, and offer your clients the modern options they want for making payments!

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