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Login to Centerbase using your Outlook login. Making your Centerbase experience easier, more efficient, and more secure for all users.

How SSO Benefits You:

Improve Efficiency: 

One login for Outlook and Centerbase. No longer have to manage two separate usernames/ passwords. Set and reset usernames and passwords in one system.

Better User Experience: 

Simplified login making it easier to access Centerbase.

Enhance Security and Compliance:

 Manage user access and set password requirements in one system

Steps to Activate SSO:

1. Ensure all users have unique emails to login with (with SSO users cannot share usernames/passwords)

2. Register Centerbase on Microsoft Entra (formerly Azure AD).

3. Download the Admin Add-In 

4. SSO will be activated for your site based on your scheduled date.

5. You will see a new login screen next time you login to Centerbase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to use SSO?
Yes, all Centerbase users must be on SSO. SSO is the foundation of a secure platform and all new features and capabilities will require SSO.
What if I don’t use Outlook?
You can activate SSO without Outlook, for now. But soon you will have to have Outlook. Please contact your CSM for more information.

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