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Login to Centerbase using your Outlook login. Making your Centerbase experience easier, more efficient, and more secure for all users.

How SSO Benefits You:

Improve Efficiency: 

One login for Outlook and Centerbase. No longer have to manage two separate usernames/ passwords. Set and reset usernames and passwords in one system.

Better User Experience: 

Simplified login making it easier to access Centerbase.

Enhance Security and Compliance:

 Manage user access and set password requirements in one system

Steps to Activate SSO:

1. Ensure all users have unique emails to login with (with SSO users cannot share usernames/PWs)

2. Contact your CSM to coordinate when SSO will be turned on for your firm.

3. Register Centerbase on Microsoft Azure AD

4. Download Add-Ins (Word and Admin and Outlook)

5. Your CSM will activate SSO for your site

6. You will see a new login screen next time you login to Centerbase

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to use SSO?
Yes, by the end of 2023 all Centerbase users must be on SSO. SSO is the foundation of a secure platform and all new features and capabilities will require SSO.
What if I don’t use Outlook?
You can activate SSO without Outlook, for now. But soon you will have to have Outlook. Please contact your CSM for more information.
What if don’t know how to access/have Azure?
Read here to learn more about Microsoft Azure.

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