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You handle a wide spectrum of different criminal cases, and your clients’ futures rest in the outcome of their criminal cases. With Centerbase, you can keep your clients’ documents organized, stay a step ahead of critical deadlines, and bill more efficiently.

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Ease the Burden of Managing a Busy Calendar

Never lose track of critical deadlines for your ongoing criminal cases and always have a pulse on the bandwidth of the rest of your team.

With the impending charges of your criminal cases, you’ll have to juggle tons of court dates. Centerbase’s calendar keeps you prepared well ahead of each deposition.

Accessing your personal, team, or firm-wide calendar has never been easier with simple filters. You can always keep tabs on your team’s priorities and bandwidth.

Continue calendaring the way your firm is used to but with the added benefit of the Office 365 integration. The 2-way connection ensures you’re always up to date.

Use Workflows to Start Representing Your Clients On Day 1

Your client can’t afford to lose a moment when it comes to their impending charges. They need you to onboard them and begin representing them immediately.

Leverage automated conflict checks to ensure your attorneys are able to take on their case.

Collect the relevant information you need to begin building the case for your PNC, all automatically from the intake form on your website.

Deliver a Premium Experience to Your Clients

Provide a high level of organization and close communication to make your clients feel more at ease during this stressful time.

Choose which documents, court dates, and billing details to share in the Client Portal, a secure hub that your clients can access 24/7.

Communicate directly with clients in the method that works best for them. Text is often the preferred method to communicate, particularly when working with individuals. And with Automated Time Capture, you can keep your clients in the loop and record the time you spend doing so.

Streamline Your Matter Management

To be best prepared in court, it’s imperative you have a way to organize the matter details so you can make your client’s defense the strongest it can be.

Coordinate your trial strategy with your team by communicating with CaseChat or assigning tasks to your staff so no detail gets missed.

Whether you have to keep track of a criminal complaint, information, or charging document, ease the burden of trying to organize it yourself. Associate it with the matter in Centerbase and easily pull it up when needed.

Using NetDocuments? No need to change your processes for managing documents. Centerbase has a complete integration, which means you can access the full functionality of NetDocuments all from your Centerbase workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Centerbase cloud-based?

    Yes, Centerbase is entirely cloud-based which means you can securely access it from a browser anywhere you have an internet connection. No need to be on-site at your firm.

  • How secure is Centerbase?

    Very. At Centerbase, we understand your responsibility to your clients to keep their personal information safe, secure, and confidential. With over 16 years of incident-free experience hosting clients in our secure Cloud infrastructure, we create a safe environment for both you and your client’s information.

    We run 24/7 high availability VMWARE clusters that allow us to keep your services up and running continuously. We have maintained a 99.999% uptime with an average of <5 minutes of total downtime per year. Want to learn more? Check out our security information.

  • My firm bills in a variety of ways. Can Centerbase support hourly, subscription, and flat-fee billing?

    Yes, Centerbase supports a variety of billing arrangements including hourly, flat-fee, subscription, project, contingent, and more!

  • Is Centerbase's legal management software built specifically for my practice area?

    Centerbase is entirely configurable meaning that the system can be set up to work for your firm. Working alongside our implementation team, your firm can set up custom fields in Centerbase so that you aren’t pigeonholed into preset forms and you can organize your matters the way you want. In addition, with Centerbase’s additional custom reporting, you can see the data you want to see, so you can make strategic decisions for your firm.

  • Does Centerbase have a mobile app?

    We do! Available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you can carry your law firm in the palm of your hand or your back pocket with the Centerbase app. Click here to download for iOS. Click here to download for Android.

  • What is criminal law software?

    Criminal law software is a centralized hub that houses the tools you need to run your firm. Within it, a dedicated practice management interface allows you to see all components of your cases (clients, documents, deadlines, etc.) alongside a fully integrated billing and legal accounting system.

  • What does criminal law software do?

    Criminal law software helps you stay organized so you can focus on representing your clients. It can automate many of the repetitive tasks that come with running a criminal law firm, and it also helps you maximize your financial yields and eliminate productivity roadblocks so that you can focus on what matters most: defending your clients.

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Centerbase is More Than Just Legal Software

White Glove Data Migration and Implementation Service

Sit back, relax and let us do the heavy lifting. Our full-service migration and data conversion team makes it easy to switch to Centerbase with complete data-history imports.

Dedicated Client Support Team

You don’t have to go at it alone. Centerbase’s customer support teams are here to answer your questions and to ensure you’re getting the most out of your tools.

Detailed Support Resources and Client Community

24/7 access to detailed product support articles, video training programs, and our thriving client community means your never left out in the cold.

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