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Revolutionize the way you manage complicated bankruptcy cases by harnessing the power of Centerbase.

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Centerbase has moved our firm into the 21st Century. Our timekeepers love the straight forward use resulting in increased consistency and timing of time entries.

Holly Pulido
Firm Administrator, Gray & Becker, P.C.
Chapter Member, ALA

View Every Detail of Your Matters in One Place

Don’t waste any more time tracking down information about your complicated bankruptcy matters.

Whether you are managing a bankruptcy petition, individual bankruptcy, or business reorganization, you have all the important details at your fingertips.

Collaborate with your team by assigning tasks to your staff or communicating internally with CaseChat so no detail gets missed.

Create custom fields to keep your matters organized the way you see fit.

Make Complex Billing Simple

Easily handle different billing arrangements depending on the bankruptcy chapter being filed.

Bill upfront as needed for a Chapter 7 filing, or bill in accordance to a repayment plan for your Chapter 13 filing cases. Either way, it’s as simple as a few mouse clicks in Centerbase.

Easily identify line items to add to your bills so you can get them approved, generated, and out the door to ensure you get paid faster.

Create new time entries to be billed as you work on documents for your clients or while you write out email correspondence.

Access Your Firm’s Financials in One Click

Keep financial data in a centralized spot to eliminate duplicate data entry and ensure you maintain compliance.

Keep track of your trust accounts for each of your matters and quickly identify which ones require replenishment.

Calculate the profitability of your contingent or flat-fee cases in real time and make operational decisions to improve your cash flows.

Run accounting reports to see your balance sheet, P&L, or chart of accounts.

Provide an Elevated Client Experience

Deliver close communication and high levels of organization to your clients as they navigate this challenging time.

The Client Portal is a place for you to easily share the documents, deadlines, and bills of your choosing for your clients to access 24/7.

Text is often the preferred method to communicate, particularly when working with individuals. With Automated Time Capture, you can keep your clients in the loop and record the time you spend doing so.

Questions our clients asked before saying YES to Centerbase

  • I’ve been wanting to switch to Centerbase, but my staff doesn’t like change. How can Centerbase make the change easy for my whole firm?

    Change is hard - no matter what solution you choose. 

    Your staff has differing opinions, workflows they’re used to, etc. And even if a change makes their lives easier in the long run, learning a new system can feel overwhelming. 

    But the best way to bridge the gap between a good purchase and the reality of a successful integration is proper training. 

    That’s why we make sure your staff gets optimal training from our expert Centerbase Trainers. Before your Centerbase site goes live, you’ll be offered 7 different training sessions (and any extras you may need). Plus, you’ll be walked through your entire site and have it configured to you and your staff’s wishes. So you’ll already be familiar with your site before your first log in. And with our NetDocuments and Microsoft Office integrations, you’ll be using tools your staff already knows and loves. We even walk you through your first round of bills within Centerbase, so your firm won’t miss a beat during the switch.  

    But most of our clients say using Centerbase is as easy as online shopping. So if your staff has that mastered, they can intuitively navigate Centerbase in just a few minutes. 

    Change may still seem daunting simply because it’s different and new. But after a few days, you’ll feel like you’ve been using the system forever.

    "Training in Centerbase is so much easier than what it would have been if I had to train somebody new in Time Matters. I really believe the system is very user-friendly. Anyone who has some semblance of an idea of working with computers, even if it's online shopping. Just being able to navigate tabs and engage filters to get to what you want is so much easier to train a new person on than our old system." - A Centerbase User

  • I’ve heard firms in other practice areas are loving Centerbase, but most bankruptcy practices in my area use legacy solutions. Why would a bankruptcy practice migrate to Centerbase?

    While solutions for bankruptcy practices like e-billing and matter management have been around for decades, many firms using legacy platforms are finding they don’t have the tools to keep their finances straight. Centerbase helps bankruptcy firms track client and firm financials, so you can keep tabs on trusts, allocations, and accruals all in one place. And more importantly, pass audits easily and demonstrate that your firm is a fiscally responsible business unit. 

    Another reason bankruptcy firms stay with legacy systems is fear of implementation and data migration. You’ll love that Centerbase has a structured and repeatable implementation process we’ve completed with 100% success every time. As well as an expert data migration team and a clear implementation outline. Plus, we configure Centerbase for your bankruptcy practice during implementation. So you’re hands-on with us every step of the way to make sure your new platform is perfect for your firm.

  • I love the idea of having my firm in the cloud because my team can work from anywhere. But is it the safest option?

    It’s normal to feel hesitant about storing your data somewhere you can’t see or touch! You made a promise to your clients to keep their personal information safe, secure, and confidential. And we’re here to help you keep that promise.

    With over 16 years of incident-free experience hosting clients in our secure Cloud infrastructure, we create a safe environment for both you and your client’s information. Your site will stay up and running continuously because we run 24/7 high availability VMWARE clusters. And with a 99.999% uptime, your site will only have < 5 minutes of downtime a year.

    The truth is, we want you to be skeptical because we know you’ll be pleased at all the answers you find. That’s why you should keep reading, and check out our security information.

  • I’ve been holding off on switching legal tech platforms because I’m overwhelmed with all the options on the market. Why do bankruptcy practices choose Centerbase over other practice management solutions?

    Most legal software is just that - software. 

    Whereas Centerbase is an entire platform. We aren’t just billing, timekeeping, or accounting. We’re an entirely configurable solution that houses everything you need to run your bankruptcy firm in one central place. Which means when you’re building and running reports, our platform already knows what data you need and where to find it since our system is 100% interconnected. 

    And while most legal tech share similar features, we always take it one step further. Don’t settle for simple trust accounting. Manage as many trusts and retainers you need for even just one client or matter. Don’t choose software that handles matter management well but can’t track production and origination. You deserve a platform like Centerbase that goes beyond just covering the basics and digs deep to give you solutions other software hasn’t even thought to create yet. 

  • I’m looking for a solution to end all the extra clicking I do on my current platform. How does Centerbase help automate workflows for bankruptcy practices?

    The extra clicks between one tool to the next is a major time suck for you.

    We automate everything in your bankruptcy firm from intake to pre-billing to sending out reminders. Your matters are automatically updated with new billing and client information, and your clients are sent automated updates when there’s a change in their case or an appointment has moved. You can automate your entire intake process from the time your client enters their information on your website to conflict check. Even setting up a scoping call with your new client and opening a matter can be automated based on what your bankruptcy practice needs. So you can finally do multiple tasks at once without feeling overwhelmed.

  • My law firm only has 20 staff members. Can Centerbase still work for us?

    Of course! We work with midsize firms that have anywhere between 20 to 100 staff members.

  • I’m ready to change my legal tech platform, but I’m worried the implementation process will slow down my firm. Will we be able to run normally during the switch?

    Absolutely! Time is quite literally money at your firm.

    With our implementation process, you’ll have a smooth transition from your previous system to Centerbase without stalling your firm’s operations for even a second. We complete multiple rounds of test migrations and training to make sure that when your site goes live - it’s 100% ready for you.

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Centerbase is More Than Just Legal Software

White Glove Data Migration and Implementation Service

Sit back, relax and let us do the heavy lifting. Our full-service migration and data conversion team makes it easy to switch to Centerbase with complete data-history imports.

Dedicated Client Support Team

You don’t have to go at it alone. Centerbase’s customer support teams are here to answer your questions and to ensure you’re getting the most out of your tools.

Detailed Support Resources and Client Community

24/7 access to detailed product support articles, video training programs, and our thriving client community means your never left out in the cold.

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