Legal Practice Management + Billing Software that Molds to Any Practice Area

Your practice area is unique – your practice management software should be too. We know there are certain features that are vital in making your firm run efficiently. This is why firms choose Centerbase—the most configurable legal software for mid-sized firms.

Bankruptcy Law

Centerbase’s customizable workflow tools and advanced calendaring options give office managers and staff the resources they need to stay on top of your clients and casework.

Business Law

From straightforward projects like new business formations, to managing complex mergers and acquisitions, Centerbase outperforms the rest.

Civil Litigation Law

Enjoy customizable case workflows, which keep everyone on track. From the time a potential new client retains the firm to the day the case is settled, each step is monitored for completion.

Construction Law

Track agreements, documents, construction projects and critical clauses all in one place. Bill time and manage your financials in one app with integrated accounting tools.

Criminal Law

Potential new clients need instant contact and aggressive follow up. Thankfully, Centerbase’s automated communication and workflow tools help you get more done in less time.

Elder Law

The needs of an elder law client may range from planning, to the delivery of healthcare services, to social security benefits. But not to worry, Centerbase is powerful enough to handle all of it.

Employment Law

Whether you are on the plaintiff or defense side of an employment law claim, the list of required documents and filings is never-ending . Centerbase gives you the tools to master your to-do list.

Family Law

Family law firms have recurring demands from clients. Centerbase elevates the level of service you deliver to clients by automating many of the “in-between tasks” that slow your team down throughout the day.

Immigration Law

Our automation and workflow tools begin the client intake process right from your website. Potential new clients who enter information into a form can be enrolled in an automated communication workflow.

Intellectual Property Law

With innovative solutions such as automated workflows, integrated accounting, and advanced calendar options, our team will build a solution that syncs with your business. Not the other way around.

Insurance Defense Law

Insurance defense firms have a high volume of cases. Task lists and workflows route work to the first qualified team member and triggers send notifications to the next responsible party to begin their work.

Personal Injury Law

Eliminate repetitive tasks and keep cases moving with automation. Our document automation tools generate demand letters in seconds, then auto-assign a follow-up task to the corresponding team member.

Real Estate Law

Customize workflows for each project, case, transaction type or staff role. Combined with robust accounting and project billing, your team can stop making duplicate entries and manage all finances in one platform.

Trust & Estate Planning

Our security, document management, and advanced trust account options streamline the process of working with clients. Deliver an exceptional level service to your clients and focus on preserving their legacy.