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The Mostly Legal Podcast: Season 2, Episode 9 "Never Stop Learning: Continuing Your Education In and Out of the Classroom"

Robert Joyner

This week, Rob and Amanda have the pleasure of talking to Amylyn Riedling (Paralegal, Office Manager, and Bookkeeper at Robin H. Balsam, P.S.) who went back to school to become a paralegal just because her friend was doing it and she thought it sounded fun. (This makes her a MUCH better friend than us because we’d never go to such lengths for a friendship!)

Through the course of her career, Amylyn has found that her experiences outside of the classroom have been just as beneficial to her success as lectures and tests.

Her first job operating rides at an amusement park set her up to be a paralegal in ways she never expected, like dealing with difficult personalities and the importance of understanding who you’re working with.

To top it off, her continued involvement with the National Association for Legal Support Professionals (NALS) has helped her further her legal education (and her overall self) beyond what she’s learned working in the industry over the years.

Amylyn brings a unique perspective to the concept of self-sufficiency, and you won’t want to miss this episode where she helps us fill in the gaps between education and the real world!

About the Guest

Amylyn Riedling, PP, PLS-SC

Amylyn Riedling graduated from Central Washington University in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Justice. She went on to graduate from Highline College's ABA Program in 2007 and received her paralegal certificate. She is a Certified Professional Paralegal, a Certified Professional Legal Secretary, and holds a specialty certificate in civil litigation.

She is currently a Paralegal, Office Manager, and Bookkeeper at Robin H. Balsam, P.S. From 2014 - 2020, Amylyn returned to Highline College as an adjunction instructor for the paralegal program, teaching Law Office Technology.

Amylyn first joined the National Association of Legal Support Professionals (NALS) in 2007 and since then has held local, regional, and national leadership roles within the organization. She begins her second stint as a National Board Member later this year and will serve in the position until 2025.

She is also a board member for the Tacoma Chapter of Lawyers Helping Hungry Children and has helped the organization raise over $100,000 since becoming involved in 2017.

Amylyn is a hockey fan - go Kraken! - and English bulldogs will distract her from almost any conversation.

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