Debbie Foster

The Mostly Legal Podcast: Season 2, Episode 4 "Building a Successful Law Firm: How Culture, Strategy, and Leadership Collide"

Amanda Koplos

What superpower do you want to have? Most people would say flying or the ability to read minds.

Debbie Foster (Partner, Affinity Consulting Group) has a superpower of her own: getting people to make a change without explicitly telling them a change is necessary.

As a consultant in the legal industry, reluctance to change is an attitude she knows all too well.

This week, Debbie takes the mic and shares her tips for making law firms a great place to work from the top down – one change at a time.

About the Guest

Debbie Foster

Partner, Affinity Consulting Group

Debbie Foster is a nationally recognized thought leader on people, strategy, efficiency, and innovation in professional legal organizations. Her 20+ years of experience, combined with a mix of strategic management and strong leadership skills, has enabled Debbie to develop a unique ability to work with law firms and legal departments to help them build a future-proof organization and to navigate the ever-changing legal services delivery landscape. Debbie consults with firms across the country helping them solve their most challenging issues. Debbie is very active in the Association of Legal Administrators, the Law Practice Division of the American Bar Association, and was the Chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2010 and 2018.

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