Centerbase for Firm Operations & Administrators

You keep your firm running. We keep you stress-free.


“Knowing that you can access the data 24/7 365, and that when you pull the data, it's going to be accurate, means that you have the flexibility to do what you need to do whenever you need to do it. If you're traveling internationally, or if you're working outside the office, it means that you can keep those wheels turning, no matter where you are and what you're doing. And it means that you're going to capture more time. We lost huge amounts of time and productivity when we had an unreliable system. Before Centerbase, as the person that had to manage fixing the software and working with the software companies, we had lost days of productivity in my department.”
Christine Giles
Office Administrator
Bollier Ciccone, LLP

"Training in Centerbase is so much easier than what it would have been if I had to train somebody new in time matters. I really believe the system is very user-friendly. Anyone who has some semblance of an idea of working with computers, even if it's online shopping. Just being able to navigate tabs and engage filters to get to what you want is so much easier to train a new person on than our old system."
Aimee Gannon
Operations Manager
Gonser & Gonser, PA

"You framed it [Centerbase] around the dedicated legal operations function and a strong legal operations team. You got my attention with that, kind of speaking to my heart. Because that's what law firm administrators do. And that's what Centerbase helps us do. And that's the sandbox that you give me. It is effecting change.”
Rob Sadler
Firm Administrator
Hofheimer Family Law

You dream of less manual repetitive work. We make it a reality.

Feel ahead on your work before even stepping into your firm. Automate your manual and repetitive processes. Bill clients accurately. And optimize staff productivity. So you can deliver the value to partners and attorneys they expect - without sacrificing your own to-do list.
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Speed up billing with more accuracy

Speed up your billing cycles while being more accurate than ever. Rather than be slowed down by errors or late payments, send accurate bills out the first time and receive payments in minutes.
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Automate your repetitive tasks

Stay focused on the high-value aspects of your role. Instead of manually completing tedious work like pre-billing and client intake, let Automated Workflows do it for you.
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Confidently deliver on your firm’s marketing strategy

Managing your firm’s marketing drives real results. Let us build your firm a website and drive your marketing strategies. So you can deliver more visibility and profitability for partners.

Platform Features

Build reports without needing tech support

Build intelligent reports that meet management’s expectations. Instead of waiting on hold with tech support for help, use our Advanced Reporting tool that requires minimal tech-savvy. With an interface similar to Excel, you’ll know how to build any report before even opening the tool. So you can get your partners what they need - without sacrificing your own to-do list.

Accurately manage client and firm money in one place

Increase efficiency across your operations using full general ledger firm and trust accounting. With live online banking, AR Sweep, and more, accounting for every dollar is easy. Track multiple trusts and retainers for one or multiple matters. Easily know which vendor and client bills are due. Even apply available funds to outstanding bills en masse. So your accounting operations are faster - and more accurate than ever.

Bill up to 20x faster

Meet client expectations while shaving weeks off of your billing cycle. With automated billing solutions like ePre-Bill and more, your firm can review, approve, and send out bills up to 20x faster - with more accuracy than ever. So you can improve your cash flow while satisfying every client.

Automate your manual work with personalized workflows

Stay focused on the high-value part of your job. Instead of manually completing tedious work like pre-billing, client intake, and more, Automated Workflows do it for you. Auto-update matters, generate documents, send emails, and so much more. So you can efficiently multitask to get your to-do list done.

Additional Features

Less manual work.
More everything else.

Let us do the repetitive, manual work. So you can leave the office knowing your to-do list is 100% done.
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