2024 Legal Tech Buyer's Guide

So you’ve decided to invest in new legal technology. Congratulations!

You’ve cleared one major milestone, but now you’re faced with a second, even bigger hurdle — choosing which system in particular to adopt.

If you’re new to this process, attempting to navigate the sometimes confusing legal tech landscape can be daunting, but you don’t have to go at it alone!

We partnered with Affinity Consulting to survey over 100 law firm administrators, partners, billing managers, and paralegals to get their input on the state of legal technology in 2023. We hope you find their insights as interesting as we did!

What’s Included in the Guide?

  • What is Cloud-Based Technology?
  • Determining the Right Time to Evaluate New Technology
  • How to Begin Evaluating New Technology
  • Software Consultants
  • Features & Requirements
    • Timekeeping
    • Billing and Accounting
    • Workflows and Automation
    • Communication Tools and Portals
  • Implementation
  • How to Present New Technology to Your Team Through Training
  • Takeaways

See a topic you want to know more about? Keep an eye on our blog the rest of this year as we go in-depth on more of the topics mentioned in the guide – and on other aspects of buying new software you may not have considered.

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