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Centralized reporting center for all your matter, billing, and accounting data

Set up the Centerbase report center to match the way you analyze data. Easily group important reports and set up security on each table, providing different levels of access to your staff.

Reporting template pack


Quickly generate reports to understand what receivables are due to be collected, identify high revenue clients, and month-to-date payments.


Run segmented PnL reports by location, practice area or partner to quickly understand where money is being made or lost. Quickly generate comparative reports to compare prior periods.

Compensation: Origination

Calculate compensation for one or multiple attorneys for new opportunities they’ve brought to the firm.  Set up origination tables based on effective date ranges if compensation changes over time.


Quickly build general ledger budgets to identify trends, timekeeper budgets to hit more targets and matter budgets to keep clients satisfied.


Drill into how your staff uses their time. See how much billable time has been entered in any date range, and the difference between worked and billed hours.

Compensation: Production

Run reports that match your firm’s compensation model. Centerbase includes stock reports or tools to make custom reports so you’re no longer compensation on a spreadsheet.

Custom reporting

Export reports

Export any report from Centerbase in one simple click. Grab the raw data to build more complex spreadsheets and pivot tables for your partners to make business decisions for the firm.

Report Builder

Your data is only as powerful as the reports you can generate to understand it. Our custom reporting tools empower you to better understand your data by creating custom reports specific to your business needs.

Custom reports can be built on financials, calendaring, matter or client related information.

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