Automatically Capture Time Spent on Mobile Calls and Texts

Automatically capture time for inbound and outbound calls or texts with a private Centerbase phone number.

Captured Automatically.

Whether you’re texting a client about an upcoming meeting, sending documents over email, or answering a call after hours, every second is automatically captured and converted into a time entry.

Never give out your personal phone number to clients again

Assign timekeepers dedicated Centerbase phone numbers that forward all calls and texts automatically. Giving you privacy without sacrificing client experience.

Automatically Capture Time for Both Inbound & Outbound Calls

Make outbound calls & receive inbound calls and automatically capture billable time for time spent on calls with clients.

Automatically Bill for Time Spent Texting Clients

Text messaging is increasingly becoming the norm for communication in our digital world. Centerbase automatically captures the time you spend texting clients in the background.

How many billable hours is your firm missing out on each month?

    Select the amount of timekeepers at your firm

    5 timekeepers 

    – Bill an extra 40 hours per month

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    See how your firm can capture more billable hours every month with automated time capture

    “Our timekeepers love the straight forward use and it has increased consistency and timing of time entry.”

    Holly Pulido
    Firm Administrator, Gray Becker PC