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Centralized Legal Calendaring & Deadline Tracking

Plan, manage, and organize your team better than ever.


One calendar for your entire firm

Create a firm-wide calendar to better schedule staff and resources such as conference rooms throughout the day.

View your day in any way

Choose what you see on the calendar by toggling views between a personal, firm-wide or a filtered list of users

Color code users & activities

Use colors for different staff members or activity types to quickly see who’s got what on their plate

Print calendar reports

Print calendar reports as an added reminder of what your day looks like

Keep everyone in sync

Recurring meetings

Create recurring meetings in Centerbase that sync with your Outlook 365 calendar.

Activity reminders

Set up an unlimited number of popup or email reminders to make sure you never miss a calendared activity.

Office 365 bi-directional sync

Connect Centerbase to your Outlook 365 account ensuring your calendars are always in sync. Make changes from either side and watch the updates take place.

Court rule & deadline management

Missed deadlines are the number one cause of malpractice claims against attorneys. With our LawToolBox integration, you no longer have to worry about manually calculating deadlines and risking malpractice.

LawToolBox Integration

LawToolBox integrates seamlessly with Centerbase to give you the most up-to-date, accurate rules-based calendaring system.

Easy deadline management

Add jurisdiction-based deadlines directly to your matters and set trigger dates with just a few clicks.

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