Say goodbye to printed pre-bills

Printing bills multiple times is a thing of the past. Make markups and approvals for pre-bills right in Centerbase.

Streamline your billing process and improve your firm’s cashflow

Make inline edits – View all inline markups made to a bill by a previous approver and highlight changes made.

Create a single or multiple step approval process – Flow a pre-bill up the approval chain, moving a single bill from one person to the next once it’s been approved.

Track every change – Keep electronic records of attorney changes to a pre-bill.

Make your billing team smile – Relieve pressure on your billing team by having the attorneys make mark-ups directly to the bill.


Billing team generates the firm’s pre-bills


Attorneys open Centerbase to view their pre-bills to review


Attorneys make inline edits to their pre-bills and review previous reviewers markups


As soon as a single pre-bill has final approval, billing is notified and the bill can be sent out to a client

Let’s get your bills out 30% faster

Get a demo and see how you can free up additional time at the end of the month for your timekeepers