Legal Accounting and Billing

Legal Accounting & Billing Solutions

Increase your efficiency with Accounting & Billing solutions built to optimize your financial data management and speed up your cash flow.

Efficiently manage financial data, increase your accuracy, and speed up cash flow in one platform.

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Manage your financial data in one place

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Increase your accuracy and efficiency

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Speed up your client payments

Accurate Firm Accounting

Increase your firm’s accounting data accuracy and efficiency by managing your finances in a single platform. Quickly complete reconciliations, run financial reports, and accurately account for every dollar.

Compliant Trust & Retainer Accounting

Easily manage your clients’ trusts & retainers alongside your firm’s finances while staying compliant. Automatically replenish and apply available funds to bills, complete three-way trust reconciliations, and more.

20x Faster Billing

Bill up to 20x faster with more accuracy. Easily give your staff and clients modern and flexible billing solutions with electronic pre-billing, varied billing arrangements, configurable billing templates, digital bills, and more.

Paperless ePre-billing

Make pre-billing efficient for everyone in your firm with ePre-billing (premium feature). Automatically move pre-bills through the approval chain and track all inline mark ups. So you waste less time and paper - and gain more efficiency.

Client-Friendly Payments

Make it easy for clients to pay you instantly upon receiving their bill. Offer convenient online payment options like debit, credit, and ACH. So you can increase your cash flow up to 100%.

Easy Online Banking

Eliminate duplicate work by easily managing for your credit card usage. Use our live online banking feed to quickly add, match, and reconcile your credit card transactions with new or existing entries in Centerbase.

More Legal Accounting and Billing Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Accounting & Billing solutions native to Centerbase?
Yes, all Accounting & Billing solutions are native to Centerbase and completely interconnected with your matters, documents, clients, and more. Enter accounting & billing information once, and watch it populate everywhere that's appropriate.
Can my CPA view our Centerbase financial data?
Yes! Your CPA will receive a free log in to access your financial data within Centerbase for easy auditing.


"Centerbase has absolutely improved our ability to generate invoices and get paid quickly for our accounts. It gives back that valuable resource to our employees which is time since all of our work is billable time."
Aimee Gannon
Operations Manager
Gonser & Gonser, PA
"We email our invoices out directly from Centerbase and it has cut days off of the time getting our invoices to our clients."
Howard Lenett
Operations Manager
Barron & Newburger, P.C.
“In my area, we do a lot of evergreen retainers. And one of the things that was a real deciding factor for me in choosing a product was how well it handled that. Things like being able to handle multiple retainers on one matter. And when you run bills, being able to tell it whether or not to automatically apply the retainer payment. Some products don't do that, so you have to manually apply it for every single invoice. There is also a really amazing report for Trusts, WIP and AR that I love.”
Christine Giles
Office Administrator
Bollier Ciccone, LLP