Centerbase vs Zola: What’s Better For Midsize Firms?

Zola is overpowering and undersupported.


Billing that makes you bend over backwards.

Zola has limited billing arrangements and customization options. Which means you can’t give clients the flexibility they ask for without making your staff bend over backwards.

You’ll never limit your staff or hinder your clients with our completely customizable billing process.

✅Whether by matter or client, you can bill everyone with the flexibility they need. Without slowing down your billing process.


Accounting you can’t count on.

Zola’s accounting is known for being out of balance and hard to reconcile. And when reconciliation is already hard enough, why choose software that makes it worse?

You deserve modern legal and trust accounting that’s continuously improved.

✅ With biweekly updates, you know your entire platform is getting better and better with time. So you can always count on your accounting to be balanced and novice-friendly.


Reporting that gives your firm no insights.

Zola only offers cookie-cutter reports that won’t work for every firm.

❌If you need custom data outside of basic A/R and P&L reports, you’ll spend weeks waiting on Zola for help. Why pay for data you can’t even report on?

✅With CB Studios: Reporting and Analytics, you can visualize your data in any way you need.

✅So your reports look fully realized and professionally created – even though you built the report in just minutes.


Timekeeping that lowers your billable hours.

❌Zola only offers manual timekeeping. So your billable hours are completely dependent on your own memory and accuracy. Why pay for software that doesn’t eliminate your biggest timekeeping pain?

✅Get timekeeping your attorneys will actually use and love. You can communicate with clients via text and call, and not worry about tracking your time with our Automated Time Capture.

✅And with a mobile app and automatic timers, your attorneys will quickly adopt Centerbase’s timekeeping module.


Finding matter information is a scramble.

❌Zola doesn’t organize every piece of matter information on the matter itself. So you’ll still be wasting time hunting down related parties, transactions, etc.

✅Find everything related to your mater, on the matter. Post bills, search trust transactions, set matter-by-matter rate tables, and more with our platform that goes beyond just the basics.


A malpractice claim waiting to happen.

❌Zola has no dead-lining solution. So you’ll risk missed court dates and malpractice by manually entering in your deadlines.

❌You can’t even convert your calendar appointments into time entries with Zola. Meaning you’ll be leaving billable time on the table every day.

✅You won’t miss another deadline with our LawToolBox integration. Enter your case information and watch as jurisdiction-based deadlines are automatically scheduled into your calendar.

✅You can even automatically capture time based on your calendar events for the day. So you don’t have to worry about manually totalling your billable hours at the end of the day.


Document management that will just confuse your staff.

❌Zola’s document management is technical and complicated. And with no familiar tools or integrations, your staff will struggle to learn the system.

❌This means most of your firm won’t adopt it. And you’ll be stuck spending money on software no one wants to use.

✅Between our NetDocuments integration and mapped drive, you can search and access any document in seconds – no matter where you stored it.

✅Even create NetDocuments workspaces within Centerbase without jumping to a new tab. So your staff can use new tools they’re already familiar with. Without disrupting their productivity.


Workflows that aren’t actually automatic.

❌Most of Zola’s workflows need a manual trigger and are only associated with other tasks. Which means their workflows aren’t actually automatic.

❌You’ll spend more time setting up the workflows than benefiting from them.

✅You can be intaking potential new clients, sending overdue bill reminders, updating clients on cases, and so much more – without ever lifting a finger.

✅Automate all of your busy with Centerbase’s workflows.


Support that’s always a struggle.

❌Zola’s support is unresponsive and understaffed. So if you have an issue, expect it to remain unresolved for weeks.

Our support teams are experts in legal software. So you can expect resolutions in less than 24 hours and never wait on hold to speak to a live person.


Make paydays a pain.

❌Zola has limited ability to track production and origination. So you’ll always be left with a missing piece you have to manually calculate on paydays.

✅You can track production and origination at the matter level in Centerbase. Then run reports and plan compensation accordingly. Making payday painless.


A mobile app with no on-the-go time tracking.

❌Zola’s mobile app has limited time tracking capabilities.

❌Which means you’ll still record your time via spreadsheet and sticky note when you’re out of office – even after an expensive software purchase.

✅When you’re on-the-go, you’re too busy with travel plans to track every second of billable time. Automated Time Capture starts the mobile timer as soon as you start texting, calling, and emailing clients from our mobile app.

✅So not a second of billable time slips through the cracks.


Migrations that are actually a liability for you.

❌Zola doesn’t offer full historical data migrations. So all of your firm’s hard earned client data will be lost if you migrate to Zola. Causing a slew of issues and liabilities down the road as your clients come to you with questions.

You can count on Centerbase’s in-house implementation team to transform your firm within 12 weeks. Whether you need a full historical data migration or a FREE starting balance migration, we have thousands of hours in experience doing both.

✅You’ll get dedicated consultants and project managers, so there’s never a question of who to turn to. And we’ll keep you updated every step of the way and support you past your go-live date.

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