Your firm’s reputation is intertwined with your website’s presence.  

Even top talent evaluates your website when considering whether to join your firm. And a well-branded website greatly enhances your client’s assessment of your expertise and stability.   

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An uncomplicated way to qualify for a potential tax credit

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ADA Compliance is More Than Just Compliance

Your firm could qualify for the annual tax credit the IRS offers for businesses open to the public that take steps to ensure their websites meet ADA compliance guidelines.

Who knew such an easy solution to website compliance could benefit your firm so much?

I’m sure you’re asking yourself “How does website accessibility affect my firm? ”

Quite simply, you miss out on serving the most proven loyal consumer group (that makes up 20% of the US population!) when you have an inaccessible website. When you take steps to ensure an inclusive website, it results in your law firm’s brand reaching a greater potential client base. When everyone can access your website, everyone wins.

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We are so excited to present the next Legalfit and Centerbase webinar. Do you know the impact social media marketing can have on your law firm? Social media has the power to convert potential clients into paying clients.

Google search was built on the foundation of content and back links. A lot has changed in the online landscape but these basic principles have remained as important as ever. This webinar covered how to utilize this duo for long term success in your digital marketing strategy.

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Legalfit is the premier web marketing platform tailored specifically for law firms. Legalfit develops highly intuitive websites and marketing solutions to optimize your brand and business objectives.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Hey my website is doing great, I’m getting X many visitors a month!” But much like any marketing campaign, what percentage of those visitors are new, and what percentage of those new visitors are actually calling your firm?

By the end of this webinar, you should be asking yourself, “Will your website get you where you need to go?”

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The landscape of law firm recruitment is changing dramatically. Whether seeking to attract new attorneys out of law school, entice lateral hires, or retain current members, law firms are taking unprecedented steps away from tradition to combat the Great Resignation.