Centerbase for Legal Billing & Accounting Teams

Free up an extra day every month.


Lessen your workload

Electronic prebill approval – Allow pre-bill reviewers to mark up prebills directly in Centerbase, so the billing team doesn’t have to enter changes before posting bills.

Trust to operating transfers – Our trust to operating transfer feature calculates the exact funds needed to be transferred from your IOLTA to Operating account once you’ve completed a round of bills or anytime throughout the month.

Email bills at once – Email out bills to your clients in one click, without making manual edits with our legal billing software.

Eliminate extra data entry

Enter expenses once – Bill clients for expenses as you’re entering vendor bills, writing checks or reviewing your credit card statement.

Real-time credit card feeds – Connect your credit card accounts directly to Centerbase so you no longer have to manually enter your credit card bill.

Built in payment processor – Our integration with LawPay makes accepting payments easy. As soon as the client pays a bill, it’s automatically entered into Centerbase’s billing and accounting modules.

Get the reports your Partners need

Generate budget reports – Generate matter, general ledger or timekeeper budget reports so the management team can review how the firm’s doing throughout the year.

Compare year over year reports – Generate YOY reports to compare how the firm is doing to previous years or periods.

Create custom reports – Use our custom report builder to generate reports that don’t come standard in Centerbase, eliminating the need for pivot tables.

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