Centerbase for Legal Billing & Accounting Teams

Free up an extra day every month.


Lessen your workload

Electronic prebill approval – Allow prebill reviewers to mark up prebills directly in Centerbase, so the billing team doesn’t have to enter changes before posting bills.

Trust to operating transfers – Our trust to operating transfer feature calculates the exact funds needed to be transferred from your IOLTA to Operating account once you’ve completed a round of bills or anytime throughout the month.

Email bills at once – Email out bills to your clients in one click, without making manual edits.

Eliminate extra data entry

Enter expenses once – Bill clients for expenses as you’re entering vendor bills, writing checks or reviewing your credit card statement.

Real-time credit card feeds – Connect your credit card accounts directly to Centerbase so you no longer have to manually enter your credit card bill.

Built in payment processor – Our integration with LawPay makes accepting payments easy. As soon as the client pays a bill, it’s automatically entered into Centerbase’s billing and accounting modules.

Get the reports your Partners need

Generate budget reports – Generate matter, general ledger or timekeeper budget reports so the management team can review how the firm’s doing throughout the year.

Compare year over year reports – Generate YOY reports to compare how the firm is doing to previous years or periods.

Create custom reports – Use our custom report builder to generate reports that don’t come standard in Centerbase, eliminating the need for pivot tables.

See how legal billing & accounting teams use Centerbase to streamline processes and increase profitability.

“I have used several billing and accounting programs over my 25 years experience and must say Centerbase is thoughtful in its approach of what worked and what didn’t and compiled an inclusive product that is constantly evolving with ease.”

Holly Pulido
Firm Administrator, Gray Becker PC

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