Centerbase for Attorneys & Timekeepers

Become a high-performing attorney with high-performing tools.


"Centerbase increased our efficiency 10-fold with timekeeping and document storage."
Kate Mataya
Senior Associate Attorney
McClure Law Group

"Our timekeepers love the straight forward use and it has increased consistency and timing of time entry."
Holly Puido
Firm Administrator
Gray Becker PC

“The app allows the timekeepers to enter activities in real-time — a game-changer for those tracking time while outside of the office.”
Donna Smith
Firm Administrator
Holtzman Vogel

Hitting billable targets and satisfying clients is easier
than ever

You need modern solutions for your modern legal work. Easily hit billable targets and complete case-work. So you can satisfy your clients - and your partners.
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Easily hit the billable targets your partners expect

Your partners have billable expectations. Easily meet them with the Automated Time Capture premium feature and built-in, uncomplicated timekeeping.
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Give clients yet another reason to use your counsel

Clients have modern expectations for their legal counsel. Earn their trust with a secure Client Portal and easy payment options.
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Keep your matter-work organized in one place

Stop scrambling to piece together your matters. Get them automatically organized in one place with intuitive matter management and our CRM.

Platform Features

Feel like you have an assistant tracking time for you

Get paid for 100% of your work with our automatic timer. Instead of relying on your memory to record your time days later, have your time precisely tracked with the Automated Time Capture premium feature. As soon as you start working with clients, our timer starts and stops with you. So you can finally bill for every second of your time.

Complete matter-work more efficiently than ever

Find anything related to your matters on the matter itself. Instead of clicking between tabs to piece your matters together, automatically keep your matter data organized in one place. See where matters stand at-a-glance. Bill, conflict check, email, and more directly from the matter. Even have your matters auto-updated for you. So when any client calls you - you have all the answers at your fingertips.

Turn document management activities into billable hours

Automatically record your time when using Word and Outlook via Automated Time Capture (premium feature). Or use our universal timer to manually capture time during any point of your document management processes.

Hit billable targets anywhere with our Mobile App

You expect a modern way to track time and manage matters from your cell phone. Instead of waiting until you’re at your desk, record time wherever your work is happening with our mobile app. So you can hit your billable targets and service clients even if you’re in an airplane or the courtroom.

Additional Features

Hit more billable targets while completing matter-work faster than ever.

Hit billable targets. Meet clients’ modern expectations. And keep them coming back for more. Only with Centerbase.
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