Technical Support & Professional Services Policy

1. Technical Support Included With Centerbase

(a) Technical support for all Authorized Users from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Central Time (“SupportHours”) via our email and online ticketing system. Phone support is provided only if Centerbase deems a support request cannot be handled via email or our online ticketing system.

(b) Answer all ‘how to’ questions by suggesting advice and guidance on how to accomplish the desired results using existing Centerbase functionality.

(c) Troubleshooting documented or existing product functionality and helping provide guidance if necessary. Coordinating updates to the product to correct such issues if required.

(d) Diagnosing and correcting any situations where the product has displayed a warning to contact Centerbase support.

(e) Helping resolve any issues that prevent access to the system, such as licensing, credential errors or performance issues (except for errors related to lost passwords, which are to be handled by the Subscriber).

(f) Technical support other than set forth above may be available for an additional fee as set forth below.


2. Consulting Services Available for an Additional Cost

Centerbase provides professional services beyond the Technical Support provided in the previous section and services included with a Subscription (“Consulting Services”). The following are paid Consulting Services available upon request and are billed at Centerbase's then current rates as an additional charge. Subscriber shall pay these costs upon receipt of an invoice. Centerbase will provide a detailed bill for all such services performed. Subscriber agrees that if any Authorized User requests and approves these services after being notified that such services are billable, Subscriber shall pay Centerbase for any services provided. Subscriber may designate an Administrator in a Purchase Order or otherwise in writing to control authorization of such requests if desired.

Consulting Services includes, but is not limited to, the following:

(a) Performing system configuration tasks including designing forms and advanced configuration including but not limited to (i) configuring data views, (ii) building queries, (iii)client/matter numbering, (iv) configuring billing settings and (v) changing search settings.

(b) Modifying or customizing the standard bill template.

(c) eBilling configuration including (i) modifying, correcting or customizing our standard eBillingtemplate and (ii) diagnosing submission issues to your client’s e-billing provider.

(d) Design, configure or troubleshoot user-defined workflows.

(e) Perform imports or modifying import templates.

(f) Setting up mapped drives to Centerbase.

(g) All end-user workstation and IT related tasks normally performed by managed providers or IT service companies such as, but not limited to, (i) firewall issues, (ii) connection issues if determined that our site is publicly available, (iii) installing or configuring Windows add-ins and(iv) user PC security or permission issues.

(h) Configuring or setting up 3rd party integrations such as, (i) Outlook 365, (ii) LawToolBox, (iii)QuickBooks Online and (iv) NetDocuments.

(i) Creating or modifying existing or custom reports.

(j) Restoring user deleted items.

(k) Creating or diagnosing document or email template issues.

(l) User Training.

(m) Accounting and bookkeeping professional guidance.

(n) Providing phone or email support outside regular Support Hours.

All Consulting Services are in addition to fees paid for a Centerbase Subscription