Mark Bridgeman

The Mostly Legal Podcast: Episode 5 "A Legal Leader's Love Story"

Amanda Koplos

Finding the love of your life is rare. It isn’t something you can search for or pull out of thin air, and sometimes, people go through their entire lives without it. But that wasn’t the case for Mark Bridgeman (HR Manager, Shuffield, Lowman & Wilson, P.A.). From the Navy to Chief Legal Records Manager to three ALA chapter leadership positions, Mark has seen it all. But what he didn’t see coming was Steven Wingert.

From a love born out of a Starbucks line to defying the odds, and navigating pancreatic cancer, Mark takes us through a love story that continues to live on through their children, grandchildren, and Steven’s leadership legacy. It will be remembered as the deepest and purest form of love, partnership, and hope.

This episode is dedicated to and in loving memory of Steven Wingert, CLM, PhD. (FEBRUARY 7, 1960 – MARCH 18, 2019)

About the Guests

Mark Bridgeman, CLM

Human Resources Manager for Shuffield, Lowman & Wilson, P.A.

Mark is the Human Resources Manager for Shuffield Lowman & Wilson in Orlando, Florida. He is retired from the U.S. Navy and the federal government after serving a total combined 30-years of service. Mark has a bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies and a master’s degree in Child & Adolescent Psychology. He has been in legal administration for over 20 years. He has served in all levels of chapter leadership in four different chapters (Orange County, CA, Wisconsin, Greater Chicago, and Central Florida ALA). He served at the ALA national level, as a member of the Diversity Task Force and Committee, three different conference committees, including Chair of the 2014 Toronto Annual Conference. He has served as a Region 3 Representative and was an At-Large Director on the ALA Board of Directors from 2014 -2017. Mark is the recipient of many local chapter awards, including being selected for ALA’s 2011 Outstanding Volunteer Award. Mark has three grown kids, Chenin, Meghan, and Brian, and four amazing grandchildren, Braden, Jayce, Hannah, and Harper.

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