Winston Williams

The Mostly Legal Podcast: Episode 11 "The Quintessential Mentor"

Amanda Koplos

If we asked you right now who your mentor is, would you be able to give us an answer? Would you without a shadow of a doubt be able to name a person who has not only inspired you but has personally had a hand in your professional success? Statistically, not many people claim to have a mentor, so if you don’t, that’s okay you’re not alone. But in this final episode of our inaugural season, we interview Amanda Koplos’s lifelong mentor, Winston Williams (Partner at CWP Entertainment Management), and discover why having a mentor is not only crucial but may also determine your success in life. 

About the Guests

Winston Williams

Partner, CWP Entertainment Management

Winston G. Williams is an entrepreneur. In 1997, he founded PS Focus, LLC, a management and consulting company, dedicated to providing Proactive Solutions which allow entrepreneurs to Focus on their core services. In 2005, he founded Silver Box Publishing (SBP), a publishing company dedicated to assisting individuals to tell their stories. SBP’s first project was Mr. Williams’ own memoir, Would You? In 2013, he founded the Capital City Black Film Festival (CCBFF) dedicated to providing emerging and established independent filmmakers from around the world an opportunity to showcase their work in Austin, Texas. In 2020, along with two business partners, Mr. Williams founded CWP Entertainment Management, LLC (CWP) dedicated to assisting filmmakers to advance their careers. Within six months of forming CWP, the team has signed worldwide distribution deals for feature films. With all four of his companies, Mr. Williams is well-positioned to impact the lives of individuals in their artistic endeavors and the audience they serve.

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