Getting the Most Out of the Technology You Already Have

Robert Joyner

Debbie Foster has been a pioneer in the legal technology industry for a long time. We had the opportunity to sit down with her and hear her thoughts on the legal landscape and what firms must do in order to remain competitive. You're going to want to hear this...

For Debbie, it's not all just about technology. It's about how firms get their work done, how they interact with clients, and how they can think differently about their legal work in general. There are certain practices that law firms have had in place for a very long time that more or less go unquestioned. Is that smart? Is that an efficient way to get what you need done? Debbie poses this question, "If you were to start from scratch and create a completely new law firm in 2021, would you still put those same practices and processes in place? If you were the most innovative group of people, what would you do?"

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