Centerbase Donates $5,000 to Foundation of ALA

Chelsea Huss

The Foundation of the Association of Legal Administrators is the charitable affiliate of ALA. Through their various initiatives, they support efforts both within the Association and their communities to improve the credibility and visibility of legal management. From their origins, they have focused on the development of educational programs, research on the changing legal workplace, and increasing awareness of the value of legal management professionals.

Now in its 40th year, the Foundation has invested over a quarter-million dollars in grants, programs, and sponsorships aligned with the Foundation's missions and goals.

The Mostly Legal Podcast was birthed from the passion and desire to highlight the people in the business of law. Each episode has featured guests who have largely contributed to the legal industry as a whole and have impacted their communities, organizations, and legal friends, and it's because of this that we decided to partner with The Foundation to help drive the work they are doing for the legal community.

For each subscriber we gained to the show, we donated $10 to the Foundation, and over the course of season 1, our donation amassed to $5,000! As we gear up for season 2, co-host Rob Joyner and Amanda Koplos will continue to pursue their mission of helping the legal community and shed light on the stories behind the people that make the magic happen!

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