Smoothly implement Centerbase with our proven successful and proprietary
Implementation Process that supports your migration with the right people, processes, and products to deliver an accurate and timely result.

Phase 0 – Welcome

Get acquainted with Centerbase and let’s define your current workflows, processes and pain points.

The Centerbase Difference: We take the time to understand your firm’s needs and requirements, based on your specific goals and practice area. And give you immediate access to training and a test site so you start getting familiar with Centerbase from Day 1.

What you can expect from Phase 0:

  • Welcome Call
  • Training Modules
  • Access to Sandbox
  • Collection Test Data & Reports

Phase 1 – Kickoff 

Review project plan, confirm requirements, align on project timeline and understand our onboarding platform.

The Centerbase Difference: Our onboarding platform and proprietary processes are designed to ensure you will be set up for success with your Centerbase implementation, from start to finish.

What you can expect from Phase 1:

  • Onboarding Plan Review
  • Finalized Implementation Dates
  • System Questionnaire Review

Phase 2 – Test Import & Data Validation 

Collectively validate your data based on how you are using it.

The Centerbase Difference: Together we ensure your data is clean, accurate and appropriately mapped, so you can capture the full value of the Centerbase system.

What you can expect from Phase 2:

  • Test Migration
  • Access to Test Data in System
  • Bill Templates

Phase 3 – Configuration, Training & Testing

Configure your Centerbase environment and supplement learnings with live training sessions. Test processes, set up role-based permissions and make needed adjustments.

The Centerbase Difference: We prepare you and your users to start using the new Centerbase platform well before the go-live date. We focus on getting user and role-based permissions set up. Plus, you get live training designed to help you understand how to get the most value out of Centerbase in your day-to-day business and processes.

What you can expect from Phase 3:

Configure & Train:

  • Security & Permissions
  • Practice Management
  • Billing & Accounting

User Acceptance Testing:

  • Data clean-up As Needed
  • Final Functionality Testing
  • Integration Setups

Phase 4 – Final Migration & Transition

Database and reports are migrated and system switchover begins.

The Centerbase Difference: We provide a hands-on approach to the first days of your transition in order to minimize disruption with switching to Centerbase. We walk through your first billing run, applying balances, using templates, and more. Plus we make sure you are introduced to your Customer Success Manager to smoothly continue on your Centerbase journey.

What you can expect from Phase 4:

  • Practice Management Go-Live
  • Import WIP & Financial Data
  • Billing & Accounting Go-Live
  • Review of Financial Data
  • First Bill Generation Support
  • Handover to Live Support & Customer Success

Live – In Place Support

Post go-live Centerbase is positioned to ensure your firm rollout is seamless and you continue to reap the benefits of a Centerbase partnership.

The Centerbase Difference: We are here for the long run. We stay with you during your transition, remain your trusted advisor, and offer additional options as your firm grows and changes. Your success is our success.

What you can expect after Go Live:

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Tech Support Available 7a-7p, M-F
  • Training Options Available for New Hires, Deep Dives and more
  • Professional Services Available for Further Personalization, Workflow and Report Building

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