"What we were doing before the pandemic was pretty rote. That doesn't mean it wasn't challenging at times, it doesn't mean that weren't complexities, but what the pandemic did was allow us all to embrace a new level of excellence." Rick Rigsby

April Campbell (Executive Director at the Association of Legal Administrators) and Judy Hissong (President at Nesso Strategies) said it best, we are all pioneers of a new age. From diagnosing firm culture to the shifted focus on mental health, these two ALA royalties discuss how the world as we know it is changing, and there are quite a few noticeable differences coming out of the legal industry because of it.

And if you’re new to the legal world or ALA in general, you won’t want to miss a very strong piece of advice from April and Judy. Check it out here!

Buying new software is not a small undertaking. Melissa Chambers (VP, Enterprise Solutions at LawPay/Affinipay) and Mike West (VP of SMB Sales at NetDocuments) are here with some great insight on what firms should be doing once they implement new software. For example, once you buy, the relationship with the technology vendor shouldn't be over. The best way to get the most out of your software is to lean into that relationship and capitalize on the ongoing training, webinars, and support services that will help your team navigate the complexities of the platform.

Jenna Carter and Chassidy Deckard are here to give their thoughts on providing inclusive environments for every stage in the life cycle of law firm management. Additionally, they touch on the importance of employing empathy and why it is essential to building and sustaining a successful work environment and culture.

Debbie Foster has been a pioneer in the legal technology industry for a long time. We had the opportunity to sit down with her and hear her thoughts on the legal landscape and what firms must do in order to remain competitive. You're going to want to hear this...

For Debbie, it's not all just about technology. It's about how firms get their work done, how they interact with clients, and how they can think differently about their legal work in general. There are certain practices that law firms have had in place for a very long time that more or less go unquestioned. Is that smart? Is that an efficient way to get what you need done? Debbie poses this question, "If you were to start from scratch and create a completely new law firm in 2021, would you still put those same practices and processes in place? If you were the most innovative group of people, what would you do?"

You all know Holly Pulido and Eric Hightower. Their enthusiasm and radiant smiles are hard to miss, but that isn't everything they have to offer. Share some laughs and grab a takeaway or two as Holly and Eric dive into the challenges and obstacles that come with career changes and how to navigate moving to a new law firm.

Chris Sims and Chrissie Eastin (shoutout to Chrissie for being our fill-in for Tina Terrian) share their thoughts on law firm strategy and the change that has come to the industry due to the pandemic. From recruiting hurdles, getting your house in order, to finding the spotlight, Chris and Chrissie give us a lot to think about.

The Susan L. French Emerging Leader Fellowship Fund was established by GLJ Benefit Consultants in memory of former ALA President Susan L. French. The foundation of this program is to recognize and honor Susan's commitment to professionalism, dedication to the advancement of law firm administration, development of future leaders, and record of long-term service to the Association of Legal Administrators. In 2019, Jess Beyer and Emily Spehar were bestowed the honor of the Fellowship and for the last two years, have had the privilege of experiencing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The first year of this two-year fellowship program provides tuition and a travel stipend to ALA’s Chapter Leadership Institute and enrollment in the interactive online series, Elevate Your Professional Presence, along with a presentation module, presented by Judy Hissong, CLM, President, Nesso Strategies, Inc. During the second year, fellows will continue their leadership mentoring and course curriculum with the opportunity to participate in an additional interactive, leadership-based program.

Participation in the program includes the expectation of full engagement by the fellowship recipient. Program participants will be assigned a mentor for the first year and will assume a mentorship role for future fellowship recipients in the second year. If all program requirements are met, a complimentary registration and travel stipend to ALA’s Annual Conference & Expo may be extended to recipients. Learn more about this program.

Join co-hosts Rob Joyner and Amanda Koplos as they sit down behind the mic with Jess and Emily and get a first-hand look at what the Fellowship meant to them and how their career trajectory changed.

The Foundation of the Association of Legal Administrators is the charitable affiliate of ALA. Through their various initiatives, they support efforts both within the Association and their communities to improve the credibility and visibility of legal management. From their origins, they have focused on the development of educational programs, research on the changing legal workplace, and increasing awareness of the value of legal management professionals.

Now in its 40th year, the Foundation has invested over a quarter-million dollars in grants, programs, and sponsorships aligned with the Foundation's missions and goals.

The Mostly Legal Podcast was birthed from the passion and desire to highlight the people in the business of law. Each episode has featured guests who have largely contributed to the legal industry as a whole and have impacted their communities, organizations, and legal friends, and it's because of this that we decided to partner with The Foundation to help drive the work they are doing for the legal community.

For each subscriber we gained to the show, we donated $10 to the Foundation, and over the course of season 1, our donation amassed to $5,000! As we gear up for season 2, co-host Rob Joyner and Amanda Koplos will continue to pursue their mission of helping the legal community and shed light on the stories behind the people that make the magic happen!