8 Key Employee Benefits Law Firms Should Consider Webinar

Join us for our free webinar "8 Key Employee Benefits Law Firms Should Consider for their Employees and Why" with Alan Wilson, National Program Director at GLJ Benefit Consultants to see the essential employee benefit details for law firms, and the immediate steps you can implement in your firm to attract and retain top talent!

Texas, Illinois, Missouri, and Florida attorneys can qualify for 1 hour of CLE credit for attending! (Approval Pending)

During this webinar Alan will be focusing on Essential Proportionate Benefits. “What do you mean by PROPORTIONATE?” Attend and learn more about:  

  • Essential Long Term Disability language all firms must have 
  • What Essential question should you ask your broker at this year’s Medical Renewal 
  • What should a firm do right now to provide its employees with solid Mental Health Benefits

Even if you're unable to attend, be sure to register to receive the recording!

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