Efficiency in the Digital Age

Efficiency in the Digital Age – Best Communication Tools for Law Firms

Both internal and client communications have been changed forever. Moving forward, it’s time to take charge and find ways to use law firm communication tools that prioritize security and efficiency for everyone involved – including clients. Learn what legal communication tools could do for your firm.

Automation creates efficiencies and advantages that manual labor does not

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Bolstering Efficiency Through Automation

Constant developments in automation have made law firms considerably more profitable. Let’s discuss the ways legal automation tools help bolster efficiency in a way that benefits your firm, and doesn’t add unnecessary steps or complications.

Want A Competitive Edge? Invest in Your Training

Training is one of the leading factors that creates the largest gap between buying and utilizing technology. But training doesn’t have to be such a pain point. At its core, the key is to look at technology training as an investment rather than a cost.

[Webinar] How To Get the Most Out of Your Tech Investment

WEBINAR RECORDING How To Get the Most Out of Your Tech Investment In this webinar, Laura Kennedy and Rob Joyner discuss how law firms can ensure success when implementing new...

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    Legal Collaboration: Expectation vs. Reality

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    4 Tips on How to Begin Using Legal Practice Management Software

    Implementing legal practice management software can be challenging! Learn about the things you can do to make the transition smoother for your employees and increase your adoption rate.

    Protecting your sensitive information through secure cloud services

    Data Security for Law Firms: Everything You Need to Know

    Law firms store a veritable treasure trove of data that any cyber-pirate would covet. Find our what data security meaures your firm should be taking.