Centerbase Version 8.1

We’ve made massive enhancements to Automatic Time Capture to make it, well, fully automatic! Also included in this release is a slew of enhanced security/privacy preferences, UI upgrades and more!

New Features


Inbound & Outbound Call Functionality

Users of Automated time Capture can now make outbound calls & receive inbound calls from their assigned Centerbase phone number and automatically capture billable time for time spent on calls without exposing their personal number to the client.


Additional Enhancements to Automated Time Capture

Enables timekeepers to have unique numbers for SMS and calls. All inbound calls are forwarded to your phone seamlessly and automatically captured as a billable event. All outbound calls to clients are captured as well.

  • Allow unique numbers assigned to timekeepers.
  • Allow calling SMS number back and use call forwarding.

Chat Functionality Added to All Record types

Case Chat is now in all Record types. Mention notifications and chats you are subscribed to will take you right to the appropriate Record upon clicking


Enhanced Collaboration Tools Added to Taskframe

We’ve added a ton of new tools within TaskFrame to enable your team to collaborate more effectively on cases and projects within Centerbase. We’ve also updated the UI of cards and boards to be more visually intuitive.

  • Add checklists for your to-do’s on cards
  • Add attachments directly to cards – image files display a thumbnail, but other files simply display the file extension
  • “Go to Task” button to quickly jump to tasks associated with the card

Enhanced Security Definitions for Specific Users/Groups

Additional Security Controls to set up “Walls” which deny specified users/groups from accessing or changing a Record, and any related Records.


New Tile for Unbilled Costs in The Matter Dashboard

Addition of a new tile to right of Fee WIP that displays costs not yet billed, including costs on pre-bills.

General Improvements

  • When editing a form, each Address Group now shows which Field on the Record it corresponds to.
  • Functionality Change Now allow editing Billing Entries from Paid Vendor Bills, as long as it doesn’t affect Accounts Payable. (i.e. Allowed to change Billed Hours, Billed Rate, Description, and more).
  • Fixed issue where choosing to delete a Billing Entry from its dialog would not indicate that it was deleting until it was successful.
  • Fixed issue where Billing Entries marked to hide on Bill/Invoice would still be reflected in the Staff Summary.
  • Fixed issue where code snippets were appearing on some History Bills.
  • Fixed issue where a payment could not be made to a Bill, if all its Client’s Matters were inactive.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes payments that had been reversed would have their allocations change, so the reversal no longer matched the original payment.
  • Fixed issue where Reports’ table headers would be out of alignment with the columns.
  • Expanded and improved our Automated QA Tests to ensure greater stability between releases.
  • Fixed issues that could arise when syncing recurring events from Outlook into Centerbase.
  • Fixed issue where the Missing Time custom report would not get the correct “Worked Hours Goal” field.
  • Fixed Issue where notes button on Pre-Bill Approval would not re-enable, if it ever gets disabled.

Mobile App Functionality Changes

  • Added New Icons for Record Types, as well as the ability to view and search Related Records.
  • Added the ability to download Documents from the mobile app to your device.
  • Added Homepage to quickly drill into things that matter to you most.
  • Various improvements and enhancements.

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