Centerbase Version 8.0

We’ve been hard at work improving and optimizing Centerbase to make it faster, more reliable, and easier to use than ever. We’ve launched four major new features in what is one of our biggest releases to date, focused on helping our clients work from anywhere.

New Features


Share documents, calendar invitations, and bills with clients from a secure white-labeled client portal

  • Make it easier for clients to pay
    24/7 client access to view, pay and download bills without having to contact your billing team.
  • Single collaboration space for secure document sharing
    Create a place for clients to view, share and upload documents in a secure environment.
  • Share meetings and deadlines with clients
    Keep the casework rolling by sharing or sending matter deadlines, appointments and tasks with clients.

Edit, approve, and submit bills right inside of Centerbase - no printing, paper, or pens required

  • Make inline edits
    View all inline markups made to a bill by a previous approver and highlight changes made.
  • Create a single or multiple step approval process
    Send a pre-bill up the approval chain, moving a single bill from one person to the next once it’s been approved.
  • Track every change
    Keep electronic records of attorney changes to a pre-bill.
  • Make your billing team smile
    Relieve pressure on your billing team by having the attorneys make mark-ups directly to the bill.

Note: This is an add-on feature that requires an additional subscription purchase. Please contact sales for more information.


Automatically capture client phone call and text conversations

  • Secure chat threads from matters in Centerbase
    Members from your firm can chat with clients inside of Centerbase through secure channels directly from the matter.
  • Text messages from private phone numbers
    Securely text clients from the Centerbase web or mobile app from a dedicated private phone number. Messages and responses from clients are tracked on their matter and automatically captured as billable events.
  • Capture time spent calling your clients
    Call clients directly from the Centerbase mobile app. The duration of the phone call is automatically captured as billable time and can be converted to a billable event at any time that is convenient for you.

Note: This is an add-on feature that requires an additional subscription purchase. Please contact sales for more information.


Work with your team from anywhere, using our kanban style task management

  • Keep track of all tasks
    Create task boards for yourself or your team to keep track of all your important tasks.
  • Easily assign tasks to your team members
    Assign tasks to other team members. Track progress and see when tasks have been completed.
  • See everything your team’s working on
    See what everyone is working on at anytime. Easily reshuffle tasks as needed.

General Improvements

  • New Version of Outlook, Word Add-ins
    • Improved file management capabilities
    • Now able to save Emails to the file system
    • Now able to save to folders other than the directly Linked Record’s folder
  • New Version of Mobile App
    • Adds Calendar
    • Adds Generic Record Management
  • Removed discrepancy between opening Record List and refreshing it
  • Improved sorting on Online Banking grids
  • Improved search results that include special characters or “noise words” (ex. and, to, the, for)
  • Increased consistency of printed version of the Profit and Loss Report
  • Fixed issue where Payments from Trust created through LawPay would not show in Pending Operating to Trust
  • Changed “Set System Search Settings” to also control whether a User can edit which Records get included in a Conflict Check
  • Fixed issue where a bill could not be viewed if another bill for that matter had a non-integer Invoice Number
  • Fixed issue with the “Use Last Form Layout” setting that would cause errors if the last used layout had been deleted
  • Added various validation to Mass Editing Records from the “Actions” dropdown
  • Updated account register to show payee, ref num, and memo for more Transactions
  • Many fixes and improvements to Time Entry Approval and Pre-Bill Approval
  • Changed how ‘Today’s Tasks’ list is made to exclude Taskframe cards without a Due Date
  • Fixed issue where Update Commands on Workflows would not change all parts of an Address Field correctly
  • Improved Performance across the board
  • Particular improvement in Searches, Posting Bills, Generating Bills, Saving Billing Entries, Accounting Reports
  • Fixed an issue where a Check could be voided even if linked to a reconciled Trust Transaction
  • Fixed issue with some grids, where dropdowns within them would be hidden past the point of scrolling
  • Fixed an issue where reversing an unapplied payment wouldn’t properly clear out the unapplied balance of the original
  • Improved Plaid (Online Banking) Balance retrieval to update more often, as well as show both the Current Balance and Available Balance, when possible
  • Updated Allocations dialog to correctly reflect Allocations to new Project and Subscription Bills
  • Fixed issue where choosing “Save & New” when writing a check would not correctly reset some options
  • Improved loading of Bills with a large number of line items, by adding paging controls

View June ’20 Technical Release Notes 

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